Mr. Platypus laid on his back amongst the pearlescent dewy reeds and observed, upside down, all of the occurrences occurring surrounding him. Mr. Platypus is inquisitive and hardly irritable and often lazy. The sunshine is right, the water is warm, spring is sprung.


Well—hardly, birds—not mammals. They settled nearby after flying overhead.

Mr. Platypus accidentally signaled the birds over, feeling awkward being so close without offering an exchange, but then he chastised himself on their approach; they were old acquaintances, if he should’ve recognized them, he would’ve swam away.

“Mr. Platypus,” they said, “why is it that you didn’t come to the gathering of birds last evening?”

“Because,” he answered, haughty, “I am not a bird, and so, to be quite honest with you, I was a little offended by your invitation.”

“Mr. Platypus, we know that you are not a bird: we asked you to come because you don’t have any friends.”

And the ducks flew away, and the reeds no longer gave shelter, nor did the sun feel as warm.

“It’s easier to be your own best friend when you’re all alone.”


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