John Robert Barnes. I always thought I had a double-barreled first name and no middle name, and was going-by-something when introducing myself as “John”; that’s what my mother told me anyhow, but I got a hold of my birth certificate and found out its been just “John” all along. I think I still have some baby teeth, but I could be wrong. I have ideas, or inklings on a lot of things, but sometimes it turns out I’m wrong. Misinformed. My hair’s falling out. I misremember things. I have bad days and good days. Today was a good day.

Today, my friend the Bloody Eyes showed up first. He’s never not a nuisance, but I love him just the same.

Jun. 27 appeared later. She’s the best; its symbiosis, existing via existing, our relationship to each other. She’s graceful and confident in her execution of her actions, and she’s on time, prompt, attractive, outwardly warm—social, really—when she wants to be. Performance comes naturally.

John Robert Barnes is too curious, but doesn’t have any sea legs. He loves nature, but used to pull the leaves off of trees or bushes when passing them until he started to regret it.

The Bloody Eyes drowns gleeful in manipulated arbitration, soaking in shadows, and is no good with money, and high all the time.

Jun’s cool too.

The gang set out early, eager to make what they could of the day today. Misery loves company, even when it’s joy.


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