When Bob woke up at 1:56 AM, he was surprised that there was a very warm body next to him which smelled of jasmine and musk. He was amazed that Beverly had come to bed with him after their date. He had always thought of her as somewhat prudish. Her perfume surprised him more because he had never known her to wear any, but it was all good. It got better when he felt a hand manipulating his cock in a very non-Beverly way, arousing him in a way he had never experienced before.

Wait a minute; he hadn’t had a date with her. “Beverly, when did you show up? Not that I don’t like it; I love it.”

A deep but feminine voice with an alien vibrato responded, “I’m not Beverly, I’m Night Angel, but you can call me Angie.”

“I brought home a hooker? I don’t remember anything like that.”

“Not at all. My brother and I just like to do favors for deserving people, and don’t worry about Beverly; my brother is taking care of her like I will take care of you.”

Bob is stunned and his brain is spinning. Is Beverly cheating on him? What should he think about Angie? Quickly, his dick makes his decision for him. “Um, I like what you are doing for me now; is there anything else that you do?”

“Why don’t I take you for a spin?”

Night Angel mounted Bob and pulled him into her. In the pale light, she appeared as one of the Playboy models that he had sneaked looks at as a teenager. Tactile exploration showed that unlike the models, all her parts felt original and she had hair where normal women have hair. Her arousal based on her wetness seemed to match his.

Even while the experience was exploding his brain with pleasure, Bob noticed some disturbing things about Angie. She played her vagina like a symphony, vibrating, relaxing, and contracting Cleopatra’s grip and changing tempo and theme. When he grasped her buttocks, he felt scales rather than skin. Something brushed his inner thighs up to his butt. Her assurance that “oh, that’s just my tail” didn’t assure him.

When his brain returned to minimal function, he whispered, “What are you?”

“You don’t have adequate language or knowledge for me to answer you. Let’s just say that like my brother who likes to be called ‘Night Monster,’ we are good demons. We ask nothing from worthy humans but mutual pleasure. As much as you have enjoyed me, I have enjoyed you. Would you object to me calling on you again when we are both free?”

“Uh, no. Could you stay longer tonight?  I don’t know if I can go again, but we could cuddle.”

“Oh, we can go again.”

Good to her word, Night Angel had Bob fully prepared in five minutes.