1. The sky a pink antifreeze. You and me in the Terminal Zone. Zero Point. Underground parking garages. Subterranean environments. The police apparatus is on us. Beware!

  2. You say a translucent prophylactic is a prerequisite for ass sex. A secret policewoman gives you the Monday morning news.

  3. Spinal canals record all information.

  4. Vzduch. Which language do you prefer? Czech? English? German?

  5. You break my nose in a bar fight. Fellate me in apology. Ask me to watch Star Trek. We lay there. Incredulous.

  6. We open the curtains:    The sky

                                               a pink antifreeze.

Hunters Point. Dutch Kills. Greenpoint. Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. I paddle a kayak chased by the Kraken. My paddling skills are mad legit. Low-key might escape…alive! If I can zip through the whirlpool rapids under the Pulaski Bridge. Eager to get back to the apartment. Put on my trucker’s cap. Get behind Oksana. Unzip. Play hide-the-pierogi. Amerika is good to us. We make good Bitcoin. Everybody else is splashing. If you splash, you attract the Kraken. Even I make mistakes. Best to keep your lid on. Speak less. Almost not at all. Nobody needs to know what you do, who you are. Stay off the book of faces. Live your life. A real life. Be more real. Underground. Subterranean.

She aggregates me. Makes me come like a motherfucker. I will never forget. Even in petite death. Even in death.

Derrida in a bathtub. Derrida in a Volkswagen Beetle. Derrida in a washing machine. Derrida in a coin-operated laundromat dryer.

Sex is a risk position.

Deleuze and Atari. Tentacles of a Corporate-State-Apparatus. The rigid elasticity of a lubricated cock. The slide-rule of fucking. The cock is a machine for the dissemination of sperm.

She feels her hands on his buttocks. Fingertips moving towards his anus. She feels the domed head of his penis opening her wet labia.

She sits upright on his cock. Slide-rule engaged. Up and down his long schlong. Grazing her clitoris against his shaft.

Cyberflesh. We exchange skins. She gives you an ass fuck. You never forget. How can you? Not even Control-Alt-Delete erases that shit.

Prague 6. Human beings interact in the dormitory rooms in Kajetanka.

The mind-ass knows all. Even the things unknown. Totalitarian. Total control: ass control, mind control. Ass-mind is King-Queen. We clench. We penetrate. Orgasm is a rule of thumb.

Her vagina assimilates my cock. We start making babies that look like everybody else.

The anxiety and fatigue of the modern world.

We fuck on a bed of pine needles. Ouch! she says. Ouch! I say.

She penetrates his ass with a fingertip. Yelp of delight. Prague is beautiful. Prague night. Tram 22 rounds corner. Rings a bell.

The language machines are eating people.


Are you there?

Metal surfaces. Concrete. A porcelain bowl. A computer. Particles of light. Starlight. Artificial light. Stellar wind. Hypotenuse. Equations of the Cosmos.

She pulls her panties down to her ankles. Steps out. She takes his arm. Leads him to the bed. They are eager. Sex slides into sex. Fucking begins. Yelps of pleasure. Buttocks clenching. Ooo.

You are here now. What next? Is there coffee? Is there tea? Perhaps a croissant. A bread roll. Everything is possible. You turn the radio on. Charlie Parker. Miles Davis. John Coltrane. Is there an elevated train near your apartment building? A fire escape?

Durations and amplitudes of our fucking are not easily forgotten. We lay there in echo. Waiting for feedback.

I love 5G. Bring it into my bedroom. Show me your 5G tits. Show me your 5G ass. Verizon Wireless.

Her hand explores the topology of my cock and ass. We lay there kissing. Little pecks of the tongue.

Rupert. Ivanka. Jared. The gang is all here. Dubrovnik. Croatia. Shelled by the Serbs from 1 October 1991 to 31 May 1992. Anderson Cooper makes good coin. Sean Hannity, yikes! Tucker! How can we forget Tucker Carlson? Not to be confused with Kelly Clarkson. And Wolf Blitzer. Go long, Wolf. Blitz! Go Jets. Go Giants. Go Pittsburgh. Go Steelers! You watch everything happen. Everything. “You can hang up your shirt.” “You can shut the fuck up.” Amerika bewilders. We are the People of the Wilderness.