Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ came through a speaker as the drop started.

The town was already empty before it even started, with nothing but used needles littering the streets.

He thought back

“So one shot, and it’s over?”

“For you,” the doctor replied.

Metal squished on the arm for a second.

“Phew, let me tell you, I can’t wait to have my life back.”

The tumbling passed across the street, bouncing like a rogue basketball with unending force. The airplane from above boomed past as the street speakers screeched in their activation.

“Attention all humans: be sure to stay safe. If you take the mask off, it will be extremely painful.”

For you, he thought.

Thinking back again, he remembered when it all started.

The alarm went off like any other day.

“Hello, first new day.” He pulled the shirt off only to see it seemingly suspended in midair, yet drooping down like held by an invisible hanger.

“What the…”

Running to the mirror, he turned himself to the back and took a photo with his phone. While scanning with one hand for the point of suspension, he yanked the shirt off, feeling a brief tug on his back.

Just then, he saw what looked like a tiny hair between the shirt and his back. He touched a finger to his shoulder blade and pulled a suction cup.

“No…it can’t be!” Pulling his finger back, he saw a new tendril and suction cup exactly like the one he touched on his back.


“Oh, God, please forgive me!” He prayed as his hands stuck together, coated in suction tendrils from both sides of his hands. When he tried to kneel, his feet wouldn’t budge. A collection of suckers kept him planted to the floor.

“I’M SORRY, EVERYONE! I’M SORRY! I REPENT ALL MY SINS! I WAS WRONG! AAAAAAAAAAAAUU—” his voice became cut off as a ball-like swelling had overcome his mouth. Within mere moments, his eyes became blinded as his head grew into a ball coated in receptors. He couldn’t see they were already all over his body, which had swollen into ball upon ball, each one merging into a larger sphere.

A major thud occurred as a giant ball fell to the bottom of the apartment, but no one was there to hear it.

“Nature is healing,” also sounded out from a voice, but no one was there to hear it.

A truck pulled up to the building, releasing drones to pick up the new bioweapon. Once loaded, it began heading to the destination, but no one was there to drive it.

A plane took in the package from the truck by parking on top, but no one was there to pilot it.

He was the only thing alive, but he was no longer human.

He was the we, and we was he.