Fatty had a pool party. A cheese pizza pool party! And all his little girl friends were there! There was Amanda, Miranda, Victoria, Daniella, Jamie Lynn, Liz, Jennette, Alexa and even Ariana was there too! Lolli the dog barked with approval! RUFF RUFF!

And all the Mommies and Daddies weren’t allowed!

Fatty like cheese pizza yum yum all the kiddies come over.

My big house ha ha! says Fatty and all the kids laugh and roll around.

Before the party, Fatty made all the little girls keep secrets. He told them bad things would happen if they told anyone and they needed to be quiet mum’s the word about Fatty’s games they were forced to play.

Poor poor Amanda. Fatty ripped out her insides by mistakey wakey. Oopsies! You can’t put that fat little sausage in there you big Fatso! Shhhhh don’t tell!

Little Ariana crawled on all fours like a puppy. Like a lil bitch, said Captain Fatty. Hundreds of times do it again, he proclaimed like the king humpty dumpty. And lick your lips like you’re hungry.  Mmm-mmm. Hungry yummy yummy.

And poor little stuck up Victoria. She really got nothing. She was a spoiled brat anyway. Always upset about one thing or another. She had Fatty’s whole pork show—including a selfie in the mirror—and sucksy toesy over and over and and and but she was such a sourpuss. So Fatty didn’t help her anymore because she was such a rotten apple after a while.

Jennette really got the short end of the stick. She went almost cuckoo bananas as much as Amanda. Fatty really liked Ariana better anyway and he let her know. Who knows what happened to their insides? Look what you’ve done to me!!! She was right. Look at it.

Old Open Secret Gabe says grrr we are the champions! I find all the bad men! It is only i who can protect you! I am right and you are wrong! Meanwhile Fatty keeps on going…boing boing fatty…

For the first party game, instead of pin the tail on the donkey, the plump Jedi Master lay on the wet concrete near the pool. He demanded all the little girls come to him—

“You are the girls I’ve been looking for. Come, let me eat your feet now! All your lil toes in Fattys mouth now. Yum yum for Fatty! Toesy yum tums for Fatty! Stinky winky all for me!! I demand it!”

One by one all the little girls walked to the Big Blob, lying by the pool, blubber from his sides resting on the wet ground.

First Victoria dipped her whole foot in his mouth.

Mm, yum yum.

Then Miranda put her foot in his mouth too.

Yum yum yum yum! Double yummers in his tummers!

Liz put a foot in too! Oopsie!


Then Jennette stuffed hers in too. Tickle tickle tickle Fatty tickle! I know you’re watching! I know you’re watching now!

“Ooh. Too hard Jennette. That’s enough!” proclaimed the Fat Jedi Master.

But Daniella put her foot in his mouth too!

“That’s enough!”

But Jamie-Lynn and then and then Jamie-Lynn stuck her foot in! Bad Fatty! Bad BAD Fatty! Jamie-Lynn cradled the little baby Fatty junior while she plunged her toesy woesies in.

Fatty started choking! Uh oh! Lolly was barking like crazy.

But Alexa stuck her foot in too!

The girls were angry. They were pushing all their feet hard in Fatty’s mouth. Fatty couldn’t breathe. By the time Amanda jammed her foot in his mouth too, Fatty was flailing but all the little girls kept pushing their feet hard in Fatty’s mouth.

Fatty’s eyes were rolling back in his head. The girls grabbed each other by the shoulders to push their weight harder down, push their feet in his mouth just right.

Delete child

Delete foot

Delete toes

Delete child

Delete foot

Delete toes

Delete child

Delete foot

Delete toes

Delete toe

Delete child

Delete feet

Delete toes

Delete children

Delete girl

Delete girls

And all the little footsies all stuffed up in Fatty’s big open hole yum yum yum gurgle gurgle gurrr….

And then it stopped. Fatty stopped breathing.

“Look!” Jamie Lynn said.

Fatty, lying there, breathing no more, but Amanda pointed. And there it was. Under his big dead belly, in his shorts, his stubby fat peeshie had gotten all puffed up.

“Look! It’s the Wonkavator!” said Jennette.  And all the girls giggled.

“Ewwwwwwww…” all the girls said in unison.

And outside Fatty’s bakery the Mommies and Daddies played make believe (and bought castles and cars!)

And then and then and then Ariana crawled over with a knife.

And Amanda says “Who wants to cut the birthday cake?”