He heard her calling from somewhere else in the house.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!”

After a quick peek into her bedroom, he realized she was in the bathroom down the hall.

He walked quietly up to the door, unsure of what to do.

Hearing him approach, she said, “Daddy?”

Dumbly, he knocked a few times on the door and hesitantly asked, “Yes, sweetie?”

“Daddy, oh Daddy, I’m really embarrassed.”

His mind whirled at the myriad possibilities of what sat on the other side of the door. His wife was not home and he felt ill prepared.

“What is it, sweetie?”

“Daddy, you have to promise not to laugh.”

Worried, he affirmed, “I promise, sweetie, I won’t laugh. What’s going on?”


Anxiously, “Yes, sweetie, please tell me what’s the matter.”

A pause.

“…Daddy, there isn’t any toilet paper in here…and I didn’t realize it until after I peed.”

With relief, “That’s fine, sweetie, that’s not such a big deal now is it? Tell me, is the door locked?”

“No, Daddy, can you please bring me some toilet paper?”

He gently opened the door and stepped in.

His daughter was seated much like he’d imagined she would be. Nightie bunched up above her waist, pink polka dot panties down her legs, hands spread across her beautiful face.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be, sweetheart, this has happened to everyone.”

She was sulking and avoiding his gaze.

“Here, give me a kiss and you’ll feel better.”

She moved her hands to her lap and slowly looked up.

He stepped forward to her and bent down.

Their lips locked and held.

Pulling away, “Don’t Daddy’s kisses make everything better?”

She agreed, but seemed lackluster.

He bent back down and kissed her again, more forcefully this time.

Without thinking, he slipped her his tongue.

She responded positively.

They kept at it for quite some time, making out like high schoolers.

Finally, she pulled back. “Daddy, you’re so good to kiss me like that when I’m like this. You make me feel pretty even when I’m embarrassed.”

“Would you like another kiss, sweetheart?”

With plenty of vigor, she nodded.

He smiled and leaned back in, this time bringing his hands to her body.

To his surprise, he encountered a healthy bust.

He had known on some level that she had been developing. He had noticed here and there, but somehow hadn’t appreciated the extent of it.

He explored the matter further.

She pulled away for a moment. “Do you like them, Daddy? Do you think they’re like Mommy’s?”

“Yes, sweetheart, you’re going to be just as beautiful as your mother.”

“I know how much you like Mommy’s, I’ve been so happy that I’m getting mine, I was hoping you’d like them.”

With a sudden aggression, his hands reached the bottom of the nightie and yanked it up over her head, tossing it over his shoulder in the same motion.

“They’re big like Mommy’s, aren’t they, Daddy?”

They did, which was to say they looked great.

She stuck her chest out with pride, grabbing each breast to push them together.

“I was wondering when you’d notice, Daddy.”

He got on his knees, grabbing the left breast while kissing the right one.

“Oh, Daddy.”

He put as much of the right one as he could into his mouth, grabbing the left one more firmly.

Overwhelmed, he started sucking and kissing and chewing and fondling with an energy he hadn’t felt in years.

Though unsure as to when she started, he suddenly realized that she was touching herself.

There was, at that point, no going back.

He pulled back and looked at her again.

“Oh, Daddy, why are you stopping? It feels so good when you play with them.”

She was still toying with her clit, smiling.

“I know you like the, Daddy, they’re yours, do what you want with them.”

“I think we need to get you cleaned up, darling.”

He grabbed her under the armpits and scooped her clean off the toilet, laying her down flat on the bathroom floor.

“What are you doing, Daddy?”

She seemed confused.

He grabbed her thighs and threw her legs up in the air before diving in.

She squealed with an absolute delight.

“Oh, Daddy! Oh my goodness, Daddy, oh Daddy, that feels so good.”

Her wetness and her lingering piss had melded by now, and he could swear he’d never tasted anything so good in his life.

She squeezed his cheeks between her thighs and cupped her breasts.

“Oh, Daddy, clean me up! Clean me up, Daddy, clean me up!”

He was eating her with a frenzied fanaticism, pausing briefly here and there to give her asshole a quick plunge.

Her legs were starting to tremble.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” she was saying over and over again.

His tongue held close to her clit as he slid two fingers inside her, quickly followed by a third just a bit further down.

“Daddy, you’re so good to me,” was the last comprehensible thing she let out before cumming made all her words indistinguishable.

When she finished, she laid there, perfectly still, aside from her right hand, which was very gently grazing her pussy.

With her eyes closed, he took the opportunity to look her over with imagined privacy.

He dove back in and gave her asshole one last lick, which was greeted with a playful screech.

“Mmmm. Daddy I’m so grateful, give me a kiss daddy,” she murmured.

He stretched out and laid on top of his daughter, giving her a soft kiss.


“Yes, sweetheart.”

“I threw out the toilet paper. I threw it out because I wanted you to come in here.”