One memory sticks. And she’s waiting.

I’m gonna get him. Not because it’s right. It’s because it’s funny. He knows I have an aversion to bugs. This one was huge and gross. The he in question is my boyfriend Andre.

Andre sent me a video of a humungous spider. It was in someone’s home. Eek. He thought it was funny to freak me out so I am returning the favor. Now I can do some typical prank but I must outdo him. We watched this movie with this married couple. The alien takes over the wife’s body. There were some ick moments that haunt him.

An idea came to mind. Why not reenact the scene for some payback? I looked up some YouTube videos on how to apply the makeup. I went to Walgreens’ to get the makeup for my stellar trick. I wanted this to be a memorable night so I set up a hidden camera in my room. I prepared for the evening. I wore the favorite dress and I cooked his favorite: chicken and waffles. I set the table and poured the wine. His eyes pop out of his head with lust as he appraises my outfit. He comes toward me and puts his hand on my hip drawing me near for a kiss. Kissing me with a hunger that a meal won’t satisfy.

“Would you like dinner?” I say as I come up for air.

“Dinner can wait,” he replies continuing the kiss and leading me to the bedroom.

We enter still meshed together and we fall on the bed. He takes off my shoes as he gazes into my eyes. Crouched in front of me by candlelight the desire is clear in his eyes. He reaches for the zipper on my dress. I tingle from the anticipation of what’s going to happen once he takes his gaze off me. He kisses my thighs and begins to cough. Andre looks down. Horrified at my thighs covered with purple blotches and pus spots. It becomes a choking sound and I panic because he doesn’t look well. I reach for him but he keels over and stops making that awful sound. I check for a pulse. Nothing. Weeks later I find out that he was allergic to the makeup. I thought it was a harmless prank and now my other half is gone. I thought we would share a good laugh but now I am empty.


I am dead and I was supposed to have the last laugh. I had a trick planned, something to scar her for life. What am I going to do now? There is have something else she never knew. I am not really British. I was going to tell her at some point but it was too much fun. It started as a joke and when I saw she was falling for it. I couldn’t stop it. She thought it was romantic to have a British lover.

One memory sticks.