I am watching my penis being eaten.

It is soft and tiny now that the blood is gone.

There is a hole, a gaping flesh wound where my penis was.

I have a thick bandage around my crouch like a diaper. The cannibal has bandaged me well. He is kind and considerate. The cannibal is taking good care of me as he gradually eats me up.

We are good friends; we found each other on the internet.

The cannibal is taking his time, he is meticulous. We have prepared and planned this well in advance.

Penis and testicles for appetizers.

The cannibal looks at me and smiles.

He is enjoying my cock. It is well done, fried in a mixture of butter and pig fat on strong heat.

How many limbs can one lose and still be conscious? The cannibal and I have decided to find out.

He is my best friend.

Now he is eating my right arm. I anesthetized it myself. The cannibal bites into the flesh of my bicep and licks around his lips as the juice from the meat gushes out. Parted, marinated, and baked in the oven.

I am overjoyed with delight.

Next up are my legs; thighs, calves, and feet.

I got good strong legs. It is such a pride and joy that my legs finally will be appreciated by a true connoisseur.

It is about one year ago that I decided to be eaten. It is not something you experience every day.

Every day you go to work, grinding away on the treadmill. The cannibal does not have a job; he does not need to work because he eats people. It is sustainable.

That’s why he is subsidized. He is innovative. It is called “human capital” and “human resources” by the professionals. This is what we will live off in the future. Those that do not understand this belong on the garbage heap of history.

Now I have prepared my legs. I have fastened a tourniquet around my groin.

Stopped the blood flow.

It does not hurt now that I have needle in my spine blocking all the nerves.

The cannibal has developed a new invention: electric scissors that easily cut through meat and bone.



It cuts well.

Perfect to our purpose. The cannibal is so brilliant.

It becomes a little messy, blood dripping from my stump, spilling on the floor. But that’s okay.

It does not bleed too much. The tourniquet works.

We post pictures on Instagram and Twitter. We smile.

Both of us.

The cannibal smile from ear to ear. He is such a mensch!

He loves everybody and is positive all the time. A philanthropist and a true humanitarian. If only everyone were like him!

I will just have to make due and offer what little I can.

The cannibal has already bandaged my stump and is now parting up my leg.

It is no longer mine.

It belongs to the whole world now. You could say I got global feet.

A pound of flesh frying on the pan. It smells good.

I am a little dizzy, but the cannibal gives me an adrenaline shot. It wakes me up.

We take good care of each other. We only have one world and one life.

It feels so good to be useful to someone; it is the most important thing in the world. Earlier, I threw away my life and was selfish. I went to school, got an education, worked, got a carrier, and kept my right hand under control. Education is important. We can never get enough education. But only if it is sustainable.

Innovation, knowledge, and human resources are what we will live off in the future. The cannibal is the best educated of us all. He knows best. He even started his own NGO.

There are still some leftovers of my right arm on the table. Now my foot is finally cooked, medium rare.

A real delicacy.

The cannibal wants to enjoy the sole of my foot.

I absorb everything and every second of this.

So beautiful.

The cannibal puts the foot to his mouth. He licks it from the heel all the way up to the toes that no longer belongs to me.

I am stepping on his face and being eaten at the same time, slowly sinking into his mouth.

We write a few more Tweets and post a status update. Soon the cannibal has to text for me. My left arm is next up.

I am a giant baby. But that’s okay because the cannibal does everything for me. I do not have to think or worry anymore. All I need is the right attitude. Attitude and opinions are actually more important than education. Without the right attitude you will not get a job. And a job is the most important thing in life; it is the reason for being. Except being sustainable and inclusive, of course. What we need more than anything else is inclusive sustainability. But that is something everyone knows. Even a giant baby.

He now places me on the kitchen counter and starts to meticulously detach my buttocks. He asks me if I am doing alright. Yes, thank you, I am doing fine.

It is going to take some time.

Things takes time.

That is just how things are.

Now that the meat on my ass and my hips are removed, I feel much lighter. I feel relieved. I have such a good conscience. Now I am a good decent human being. A real mensch. But the cannibal is the best, the best of us all. If everyone sacrifices themselves, we can save the world. The cannibal is the last man. Grilled and burned, I am privileged to be his sacrifice to this new era.

The cannibal is sterile. I do not get any infections. The whole thing is very humane and professional.

Very clean.

Very polite.

Now he bores a hole into my cranium and inserts a straw. My eyes are already digested. My tongue consumed. This we have agreed on beforehand. I know exactly what is going on. Bit by bit, I disappear into the mouth.

Finally, I am saved.