No, I’m saying the drug money. The drug money, you know, when the cops bought the drugs, they sold me the fucking—they had the money and they sold me, I sold them the drugs and they gave me the money. That was all my restitution, all my money. I owed, like, it was like, four grand, forty five hundred, but fuck that.

When my PO looked it up on the screen, on fucking CCAP or some stupid shit, then she says I owe like a thousand or fifteen hundred, thirteen hundred, I was like fuck you, bitch, I ain’t paying you shit, fuck you guys. You fuckers want to play hardball? You ain’t getting a nickel out of me. Fuck you, bitch. Fuck, I’m not paying them niggers shit. Fuck them. Take the loss, bitch. I’m not paying shit. Fuck them.

Pay them for what? So they can buy more guns? Fuck you. Buy more tactical outfits and buy more drugs off the streets so you can fucking give them to somebody else, I know how the fucking game works, so you can give the drugs to somebody else, some confidential informant, like the bitch ass nigger who fucking turned me in like a cunt.

They’re bitches! Until someone goes in there with a fucking bomb strapped on and blows that cocksucker off the map, with all them fuckers in there. Just blow that fucker right away. Right when you walk in the fucking door, that fucker will light up like a fucking Christmas tree.

Yeah, so I just gotta, fucking—fucking ride it out. It’s a fucking game, you know?

It just sucks. And then I don’t have a fucking car, you know, I don’t talk to nobody, I don’t associate with motherfuckers. My wife’s up north, I’m fucking stressed because—I’m stressed, bitch, what do you want me to do? My wife and kids are fucking six hours away. They ain’t down here.

You know what I’m saying? Kind of hard to fucking get a place if you don’t have no fucking money or no steady job, and I’m working for this temp ass bitch ass place on First and Lincoln, that staffing agency. I almost beat the brakes off a nigger out there.

One nigger came in there one day and says, hey, move out of the way, and I said, man, fuck you, move me out of the way, nigger. Because I was standing in the fucking window one day, you know, and he wanted to fucking sign up for work. I said, wait your turn, man. Fuck, man, keep your dick in your pants, dude. And I told the nigger I’ll knock the teeth out of his fucking mouth.

And that nigger says—went over by, like them niggers do, he went over by his nigger buddies way over here on the other side of the building and says, hey, why don’t you come over here and knock my teeth out?

And I said, man, fuck you, punk. You’re just like the rest of these dudes, you ain’t about shit, you ain’t gonna be about shit, you ain’t never gonna have shit. I said, you know what, you’re just like all these other dudes in here, man. You ain’t about shit, dude. You’re fucking pretent-u-ous. Dude, you can’t even spell the word. Look it up when you get home, pal. Fake ass nigger.

I hate fake motherfuckers that are fake.

And then the dude’s like, oh, well, it’s okay. And then the nigger never wanted to talk to me. He tried to talk to me one day when I was late because these niggers left me and I called the fucking thing and starting cussing at them, saying, hey, you stupid, these fucking niggers on the bus fucking left me, that’s what I told ‘em. Just like that. To one of the fucking guys who was sending me out to work.

I said, man, fuck that, man, you’re fucking sending me out to work a fucking job, man, and then I drop my phone on the van and the van driver takes my phone home? He’s supposed to turn my phone the fuck in! I gotta wait ‘til the next day at four o’clock in the evening the next day to get my phone back? How the fuck does that work?

Because when I woke up, I came to, I got off on 35th and National. And I was just like, oh, I heard a bunch of people getting off the fucking van, I thought we were at the fucking temp place. I didn’t know where the fuck I was. After working fucking twelve hours, you fucking try it. Busting your fucking ass, fucking being their nigger, getting talked to like shit, talked to like a fucking kid, man, fuck that shit, I’m not doing that shit.

I just get so upset because it’s so—it’s bullshit, you know, they always try to fucking play you. And the niggers think that, oh, because you’re small and weak, you’re weak-minded, you’re just going to fucking lay down. Fuck you, bitch. You got me fucked up, dude. You know, just like I’m some fucking coward or something, like I’m a bitch or something. Man, fuck you.

All these niggers want to fuck with me! They think I’m fucking soft, like I’m a bitch, like I’m a pushover, like I’m just gonna say, okay, here, bend over, fuck me in the ass, here’s a jar of Vaseline, nigger. Fuck you.

And most of them don’t say shit to me because I don’t talk to ‘em. When I get on the bus, they go, oh, there’s another crackhead, another crackhead…fuck you. I’ll beat the shit out of all of you.

Fuck you, I’m on parole. I don’t give a fuck.