I have a lot of affection for the computer and, when I have everything ready, I turn it on with the big toe of my right foot.

My wife has caught me and, instantly, from her forbidden tongue toads and snakes have come out against me, in rapture.

“Look, you’re lazy. More vague than the jacket of a politician or an official.”

“I have been a civil servant, my wife, I reply.”

“That’s how it went. You lazy more than lazy.”

I have not wanted to brawl, nor to break into a thousand dictatorships. I only remembered that my daring when I went to copulate with a sex worker, in the Calle Orense in Madrid, to who I had a lot of affection from the moment I saw her.

I remember that I gave her $50 of the old pesetas for poking her vagina and playing with her clitoris with my right big toe, while she, with her two hands, fixed my member until I reached orgasm .

-“Save your anger,” she begged me.

I could not and, like a fool covered in Passion, or a fool with the Ass, I put my whole foot in her vagina, ejaculating as did the Fauns of the ancient fables of the Greeks, their gods, demigods and all the mob of the male mythology and its stories.

She, the sex worker, transported me, and I dug up my foot by pulling her hair; tricking her with four kisses on her big and small lips, which she said were “kisses from a fool.”

Turning on the computer with the big toe of the right foot will be childish, but I do it with great appreciation.