To be published in some literary journals a poet must avoid being racist, misogynistic,
homophobic, transphobic, sexist, xenophobic or ableist.
It also helps to not be TERF/SWERF.
I rarely see anti-Semitism, ageism or misanthropy mentioned in these submission guidelines.
“We will take no poetry that discriminates against or has contempt for ugly women” isn’t
mentioned either, or is that just sexism?
If a poem warrants it, a warning for sensitive readers is recommended.

After I saw the movie, Gorillas in the Mist, in which Dian Fossey was murdered for defending
gorillas slaughtered so their hands could be used as ashtrays, I walked out of the movie theater
and said to my husband, “If I had a gun, I would shoot everyone in the parking lot.”
A similar reaction happened when I read about rubber company employees chasing and killing
indigenous people in the rain forest for sport.
I hereby declare I hate poachers of black, white or other color who are causing the
decline/extinction of rhinos, elephants and many other glorious animals soon to be seen only on
old National Geographic shows.
I hate Nazis, white nationalists, fascists and men who do not allow women to drive, go to school
or show their faces in public.
As a feminist, I particularly hate rapists, batterers, sex traffickers, those who perform female
genital mutilation and serial killers.
I am a failed Christian. I am unable to turn the other cheek or forgive.
It is not wise to forgive a sociopath or narcissist.
It just encourages them to continue their dastardly acts.
Perhaps Christianity has failed me.
I am a partially successful Buddhist. I have detached from the horrors previously mentioned by
uttering a prayer: White light and blessings to all hate groups, criminals and terrorists.
I no longer have murderous thoughts except for the occasional pesky fly or despicable
I expect this poem will never see the light of day, even though it speaks my truth.
The title is my warning.