Alice was a woman who enjoyed sex to a degree well above the norm. She was one of those rare women who surpass even the average male levels of horniness and had sex acts running through her mind at almost every moment of every day. There was just one problem.

Alice couldn’t cum.

Alice took a while to arrive at this conclusion. She’d always masturbated growing up (her pillow was her best friend), but assumed only sex would provide that fabled uncontrollable ecstasy her friends whispered about. Her first time was with a sweet boy called Norbert in high school and she’d been looking forward to the moment for years. Her pussy was pent up, a powder keg of juices. She assumed all she needed was a cock, any cock, to make her cum. Unfortunately, Norbert wasn’t up to the task and in fact came multiple times on Alice’s insistence. She wanted him to go again and again, but to no avail. She graduated without an orgasm.

Alice didn’t worry too much; no one had to know this small detail. And after school, the world truly opened up. Yet all through college, she got sucked and fucked and still she couldn’t cum. She tried it with everyone she could. Jocks that looked like computer projections of male perfection, 3D printed abs and algorithmic jawlines. They were all stick, no shift. She tried it with some gentle nice guys who asked for consent at every base, and who were like ghosts when they came to her. She forgot them like the wind. She fucked three different professors and the last one she regularly fucked in classrooms even as students lined the halls outside but still, nothing, the thrill of getting caught not an extra incentive. It was a lot of work without ever reaching a climax.

Alice considered her career options? Dominatrix? No; she preferred good old-fashioned sex. Prostitute? Too many creeps, and again, it wouldn’t be about her. Study had not been a focus, so lawyer was off the cards. Then it came to her. She became an air hostess and in little time entered the world of a mile-high club VIP, fucking anyone from sports stars to politicians in the first-class bathrooms. She fucked her fellow hosts, from buxom women to raging gays, who were all as horny as each other. When you’re flying Dallas to Sydney, you tend to go a little crazy. Yet still, even with the exhilarating altitude and the famous celebrities and the compliant compatriots, nothing. Oh, she came close to cumming. The climax was like a word on the tip of her tongue, the frustration magnified by the loss of control. But that magic moment could not even be found close to heaven.

Alice started using her free holidays to explore the world of sex. She practised kama sutra on the banks of the Ganges. She explored darkest Africa and they explored deepest Alice. She imbibed strange teas in South America and had intercourse on another plane of existence. In Europe, she finally delved into sex dungeons and the world of leather and whips. In New Zealand, she went hiking and let a stranger fuck her up the ass as the sheep looked on. Not a single act gave her peace, but she certainly went home with a lot of stories to tell.

Alice felt her job was aging her too quickly. She needed sleep and somewhere to rest and recuperate. Even though all her friends said she still looked great, she could feel the creaks and strains in her bones, the sagging in her gut. Her parents welcomed her back, only too happy to have their daughter come back down to Earth. One day, she was at the local coffee of her small town when a stranger walked in. He smiled. She smiled back. They talked. They dated. They married. He never knew why the sex was so great.

Alice resigned herself to never having an orgasm but at least enjoyed married life and a steady fuck. Peter was sweet but firm, the perfect mix. Great in bed and a charismatic gent to boot. Then one night, about six months into marriage, they were screwing on the kitchen bench when he whispered the words, “I want to have a baby with you.” Alice smiled. Then the smile grew. She felt hot, hotter than ever before. Peter perceived a change in Alice’s body as it physically morphed beneath him. He rutted hard, every thrust with the perfect flow. The thought of a child hung in the air between them, shared and symbiotic.

Alice came. Hard.