It all started with a hope in Glenn Levin’s eyes. He hoped that they would pull through with what he’d seen them do a hundred times before. He hoped that his vampire masters, who loved nothing more than stumping any and all revolt from the vox populi, would stop this horrible man from reaching the highest office in the land. But they didn’t. No matter how much Glenn sucked up, cucked out, and showed himself to be nothing but a little cum-sucking, ass-fucking whore for the establishment, it did not convince anyone with a testosterone level and IQ above a fat, soybean-munching, Mongoloid munchkin that his bete noir was a blood-drinking, baby-raping, corpse-eating monster. He failed. His overlords failed. The vox populi won. This simply could not stand.

Glenn thought and started to cry. He cried and cried throughout the night. Mucus dribbled down his fat gullet, his face turned redder than the first time he saw his wife fucking another man, and in that moment when that memory conjured in his head, he ejaculated. Then he dwelt on that moment and the perfect plan came to mind. The ultimate virtue signal that his tiny little rinky-dink brain could conjure. He quickly grabbed his phone and called up two people: Suzy, his dominatrix, and Jaquan, his bull. Suzy was a petite blonde girl who Glenn had hired at one point to serve as spanking material for the desperate old men who actually watched his content unironically. It was revealed soon after that she was nothing but a harlot poser who used her looks to push Glenn’s bland agenda, but didn’t actually believe any of his bullshit. Just an ideological prostitute at the end of the day.

But Glenn loved her anyway. He also loved how she would dom him. Suzy was good with knots and loved using them on Glenn. His favorite spot to get tied up was, of course, his genitals: his very small, very useless genitals. With his Tic-Tacs in a bind, Suzy would whip him, spit on him, piss on him, and on particularly good days, peg him with a studded, stainless steel strap-on. She had something Glenn needed for this little escapade: a love for black cocks. She sucked them and fucked them and Glenn was witness to it at times and he loved it. All day at the office, he brought in well-endowed dark gentlemen to run trains on her while he attempted to pull his minuscule pud. And as he beat off to his genetic destruction, Glenn took solace in the fact the he was totally not waaacccist.

But among the number of glorious black bulls that rammed Suzy for Glenn, none were as good as Jaquan. Glenn hired Jaquan for the same reason he did Suzy; to push his bland political message, but this time in the form of a crispy black man who happened to possess the juiciest cock Glenn had ever seen. The way he rammed Suzy made Glenn’s pork stick so hard that it felt like it was about to explode. So naturally, Jaquan would have to be a part of this. The calls were made, the time was set, and soon it would be time to prove to the world that Glenn Levin was not, in fact, racist.

The set up was simple. A Facebook Live video was set up in Suzy’s bondage room and the event would be streamed from there. In the video, Suzy and Jaquan were separated by Glenn, who wore a shirt that read “CUCK RESISTANCE.” Soon after the video started, Suzy ripped Glenn’s boxers off, revealing to the world his aforementioned very small, very useless genitals. After exposing Glenn, Suzy worked her knot-tying magic on his marbles and got her studded steel dildo ready. After it was strapped on, she forced Glenn down and started riding him from behind. While she did this, Jaquan went in front of him, black cock out, and started to face-fuck Glenn in front of thousands of viewers. “Gulp, gulp, gulp,” was all Glenn could say as his mouth and throat were melaninated. Jaquan eventually ejaculated inside Glenn’s mouth. Glenn swallowed.

Soon afterwards, Suzy pulled out of Glenn, turned to the camera and said, “Alright, you racist fuck, this is what we think of your administration!” She walked off-camera for a few seconds. returning with a fucking machine in her hot little hands. She shoved the dildo into Glenn’s ass and turned it on. Then she undressed and started sucking Jaquan’s cock. The sucking soon turned to fucking and Glenn watched her getting railed all the while. Everything was going great until. RIPPPPP!!!!!! The plastic coating of the dildo split open, leaving behind a metal rod that was now vigorously stabbing Glenn’s asshole. A mixture of shit and blood started to ooze out. “HELP GET THIS THING OUT OF ME!” the cuckold screamed. Jaquan leapt into action and ripped the fucking machine out of Glenn. However, there was still the issue of Glenn bleeding out his ass. All Jaquan could think in that moment was “muh dick” and started to ass-fuck Glenn. In his mind, his cum would serve as a sort of bandage for Glenn’s torn asshole. Jaquan did end up cumming, but his idea obviously didn’t work.

Eventually Glenn passed out due to blood loss, with a mixture of blood, shit, and cum leaking out of him. He was rushed to the hospital, but it did no good. His career was ruined after that stunt. His wife divorced him, Suzy absconded with Jaquan, and the president was still in office. His audience left him, and it seemed there was nowhere that Glenn Levin could go…until he discovered the world of cuckold porn. He was the new big thing in the industry, a door that had been opened for him by his anal adventures. He didn’t care about the mockery or politics, because now he could jerk off to his own destruction and get paid for it. And at least, at night, he could take solace in the fact that the whole world knew he wasn’t racist.