Her insta story read “Would anyone with a New York accent spit on me?”

Yes. As a matter of fact, I would like to spit on you, @la***tt. I’d love to spit on you. I’d love to drive a few blocks where—even though we’ve never met and we don’t know each other—I actually know where you live. Just so you know, I’m going to knock on your door and when you open it—grab you by your hair, hard enough to make you humble down to your knees. Slam the fucking door shut and…

Now she posts in her stories “if you look like this do not hesitate to hit me up” with a picture of some dude in his 40s with glasses. Nothing special. Regular Joe probably an actor on some mindless Netflix retard binge junk. Whaddayaknow? I do, in fact, look just like this.

I follow her private account. Requested…I wait for her to accept. Restless…

I easily find a folder of some of her nudes from Twitter that she deleted. Dummy. Why would you post these? She’s obscenely hot, basic but beautiful e-girl chic with a brick shithouse body. Mother-fuck hips. Milkily perfect twenty-year-old tits, hang ’em high. Sculpted ass…fuck dude. What the fuck is wrong with you? Famous internet girls. Thotless e-girl. Premium snap dump. These kids today. It’s over. Accept my request. Fuck…

Past the breaking point.

Still hasn’t accepted my request…

Slide into her dm’s like a fucking car wreck in an ice blizzard.

New Yorker. Brooklyn, actually. Like real Brooklyn, not Daddy Money Virtue Signaling Brooklyn. Likely older than your father, if you have one. Good looking in a reptilian serial killer kind of way. In Hollywood, a few blocks from you actually. I know who you are. I’ve been following you.

Scary lol.

Isn’t that what you want?

Jus playin lol



So you wanna give me your address?

(Long delay)



You wanna give me your address?

Ur scaring me

I’ll find you anyway, bitch

Give me your address

Ok 17** Cherokee Ave Hollywood Apartment D304

I half-assed soap my dick and balls in the sink. Turn around and squat my asshole in. Classic Puerto Rican shower. I’m an animal but at least I have manners. Brush my fangs.

You’re dead meat, bitch.

I didn’t know exactly where she lived but I had an idea of the vicinity from the backgrounds of her insta pix. Be very afraid, ladies.

Little girls really shouldn’t play with monsters.

Imagine, in this day and age where you read horror stories on the internet every second that this twentysomething thot would just put herself in danger like this. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Like that. I show up. I’m raging right now. It’s too late to say no. No means yes.

Knock on the door.

I guess you didn’t understand what you were asking for did you, @la***tt? If that’s even a real name. I didn’t stalk you that hard. Door slams shut behind me. I almost knock the hinges loose. Meh, it’s Saturday night. A little party noise won’t disturb the neighbors. We don’t play around and say things like that now do we? I know good little girls don’t. Whores open doors for devils…something has to be done. Now that you’ve put that seduction out there, the universe must spin it back on you. After all—the world is a cold dirty place and there is a logic to everything.

I grab her by the hair, tight enough to make her not even attempt to struggle. Real fear of death in her eyes. Yep. This is real. As real as it gets. Sorry.

Oh, you’re squirming now. But I bet you’re wet. Sopping. You fucking pig. Is this what you wanted?

Quick spit in her face. She moans. Like that? Like this? I slam her against the wall, never letting go of her hair. Reach hard down her jeans down her panties and jab it in. Drenched. Almost can’t even feel the hole it’s so sopped.

Spit again in her eyes.


Twist her hair harder.


I smell my finger. Not a bad breed.

Why would you write that?

Who are you?!

Open your mouth.

Spit hard on her mouth. Some in the pretty hole. Some around her lips. Nice teeth, pig.

I bring her down to her knees. Spit again across her face.

This is what you wanted, huh?

Didn’t you tweet yesterday that you liked anal? Huh?

It’s too late now. We can only barrel into the darkness. There are no boundaries any longer. Sorry @la***tt. Dummy.

Still holding her hair in a violent fisted ponytail, I start to tear at her jeans with my free hand. She helps pull them down too. I can see now she wants to get it over with. A total victim rp. Maybe this is what she really wanted.

I don’t feel bad at all.

I pull her up by her hair. Jeans around her ankles. She’s woozy from all the ragdolling.

I rip her thong clear off. She whoops. Jam my fingers in the wet holes again. Get down on my knees for the tasting menu. Dig right into that fat chubby taut shithole. Pretty tasty, actually. Fear becomes her. Her asshole horror sweat is pungent but somewhat fruity above the metallic. Must’ve showered quickly and oiled up when I dm’ed…

I dig it out. Clean it completely. Her cunt is wetting it and she’s not even lying down. Still pinned against the wall.

When I’ve tasted enough shit, I stand. Pull out my bone. Thought I might’ve gone impotent, apparently not. It’s been a while. At least it still works. I’m still grabbing her hard by her hair. I never let go.

I stick my dirty tongue in her mouth so she can taste her own shit. Old school porno style. Stop kissing and spit in her eyes again.

It doesn’t take too many hard pumps against the wall to blow it up her hole. All the rage. Take it. I spit again across her whole face, her eyes are closed. It’s like a prison rape but she clearly consented. She gave me her address after all. She wrote it on the instagram.

She’s not enjoying this. At all. Going through it because she thinks she deserves it. Hates herself. Punishing herself. I wonder what happened to create this. Actually, I don’t really give a fuck. I can see how her past has traumatized her and now she is frozen and can’t move. Simply takes it. The freeze. Wide eyes but nothing behind.

There are any number of things I can tell myself to get away with this ethically. To rock myself to sleep every night thru the storm. She will do the same for herself.

It’s nice to be somewhat attractive and to know what I’m doing with women. It gives me a certain privilege. Even in these troubled times where people are prone to outrage ballets.

Sorry bae.

I fully blow hot streams of poison in her stomach and give her everything I’ve got. That’s love, baby. Feel it.

My cock is still quivering up her asshole. Starting to disintegrate. Lose the charge of blood that was so haywire out of control just a few minutes ago. Balls not even twitching anymore. Prostate barely pumping. As the Demon drains into her I think—man, I didn’t even stuff her mouth with my cock or squeeze those two fat heavy cream bags but fuck it. I am fucking relieved. Relieved to be rid of this Devil. Relieved to stick it up her instead. She looks wrecked but strangely accommodated. Sad, bent, she can’t believe this whirlwind just happened to her. I can see she hasn’t even had the time to wonder what did I do. She’s ashamed, and so sad yet—

She seems fulfilled. This IS actually what she wanted, it wasn’t a mistake. She won’t regret it; in fact, she may even brag to a few friends about it.

Was it worth it? Nope. What a disgusting, humiliating affair for both of us. Not sure who’s the more ghastly of the two grunting, panting beasts pushed up against each other on a dirty wall in Hollywood.

I think she probably doesn’t realize that in that moment, on a whim or with a twitch, I could’ve snapped her neck, put her in a suitcase and driven her out to the woods, left her to play with the animals. Nah. I would never do that. Jus playin. Jk. Lol.

At least she didn’t want to get pissed on or tongue-punch my fartbox out like most of these bubble-headed baby millenial + zoomer bims. Who could be bothered? Oh, you’re all the same. Same.

This never happened. This isn’t real. I would never do this irl. I’m a nice guy. I have a wife that I love. A family. I’m simply creatively responding to your insta story. Don’t be silly lol don’t you like the story I wrote for you?

Is it me? Am I wrong here? Am I the disgusting one? Am I repulsive beyond repair? Am I dangerous to society? Sure. All of those things. But guess what?

As the man said, people just ain’t no good, little sister. We all have suicide fantasies sometimes.