Dancing with the Duke

I wanna dance to King’s  “Take the A Train” day and night,
Prelude to a kiss Ooo I inhale deep night and day.

Feed my peace plants with the heat of jazz,
watch green leaves shoot up white flags all night.

Eat beans outta cans   never dump my sacks of trash
The old man in Apt.C knocks on my door day and night.

“You old biddy want some sips from my flask?”
“Don’t you hear the Duke?” Slam the door night and day.

The nice cop lady, so polite, “Please lower the phonograph.”
Can’t resist King’s “Sophisticated Lady” day and night.

“Please let me help.” I offer some beans, a sip from my flask,
She leaves. I sing “Lullaby and Good Night” all day.

If the time is ripe I slip on a silk sheath smoke some hash
Inhale deep down, dance with the Duke all night and day

Abstrakt 444 Gerhard Richter

Why that blue bouquet in the lower right
above the red splotches?

discards of tulips     to be tossed?
Nxoxthingxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxNO

closer    close    closer   close
Do you feel cornered? Shut out? Ignored?

Dive into the center
Don’t shake
Do not      be blinded       by the sun

You can’t look

that with a name

Look at the green      top not soothing?

limp broccoli?

Look back       at your brush strokes

every          which way   what?
let the witch slip every   weigh it &&&

paint slapstrokeslap

Swim up around into your strokes

hold your breath

&nbsp     &nbsp     &nbsp     &nbsphold your head   above the surface

Why are you scared of &nbsp a tiled square

A Love Song of Sorts

You explained the difference between
Claret and Sancerre while my arms
circled your large soft body.
I held on while we kissed
in a bed of straw in the loft
of the campus barn.

You promised tonight, tonight
we’ll drink some wine, share
a cookie. Flying high we
landed near an octagon, the only
eight sided house on campus.

The Dean said over and over,
8 times at least, you can drink
wine in your locked room,
no you don’t need a pin,
or a password, only this code,

memorize- 3452 5432- 538&
We typed it in– try again .
Your time is up, start over.

We broke the lock, danced
from room to room, bathed
in sunlight, each door connecting
to another. arranged our  straw,
held each other to fly from room to room
chanting bac bac ommmmmmm

In the morning a chicken shared
her eggs and we sprinkled straw
for her. We held tight, celebrated
our luck with a cold bottle of Sancerre
and one warm cracked egg.

Gertrude Stein Speaks

a dirty word a dirty
bird a time to speak
to sacrifice fantasize do not
disguise or pretend do not decline  poison
poison alas a dirty bird a dirty third
a vulture vulture defecates spits from his mouth
ties neat excrements with string repeats repeats
it is a need, no evil is wide, it is time for  sweet
relief a hole inside a pot leaking leaking leaking
any decline is poison a no nonsense & no sense sense
it is time to end the first call dares there will be  time &
boom in “What we call the beginning is often the end.”
And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where
we start from  boom it in it is a need it is a need it is  butter is*
* excerpts from T.S. Eliot and Gertrude Stein