Dare I breath without you
on my own
I send my soul searching for the shadow that went missing
when I left the light behind me
remove all reflections that only serve to create a me I will not be

Dare I see the real me for the first time
alone without reflective opinions haunting me
we hold our breath for so much less and question the absence of happiness
together with another heart do we make loves survival impossible
nurture hatred to grow and the harvest will destroy anything that is left

Dare I walk alone for the first time
take stock in all I am and understand what others mean to me
do I have faith in myself to follow my path
is the path I am meant to take shorter than the one I force myself believe I need to be on

Dare I set a place for the ones that left
does this include all the versions of me I failed to complete
or just the ones that show me the truth in their hearts
how distant it travels pain does not recognize this as a lessor hurt
save yourself before considering me I will make it through as I am intended too
do not hate the ones that never walk this way again
sometimes one chance to meet is all we can afford

Dare I love on my own and not as an expectation
hear the voice inside me as it screams in the silence of my ignorance
I hear you now
I am the only one that took my feet from beneath me

Dare I stand in isolation judge me for the fool I am
the honesty of loves worst moments, never that bad
obstacles removed fewer are my excuses
the crowd that surrounds over time can’t be found
learn to live to love to lose to fight again
find myself before others find reasons that my absence has more value

Dare I find the strength to seek others company
only once I am content out here alone
I talk to myself to give my fears scale in the abyss of the next forever
I embrace the sound of the familiar despite the tone
life has no book but the signs abound
the lucky one’s stumble through and never look around

Dare I see the wisdom of the gifts given from the ones far from home
without words being said you left me a direction to right my wrong
the hand that I knew my whole life has moved on
one of great strength never judged just a smile and follow through
empower me with everything I will ever need in a simple gesture
do you guide me back onto the path that I have strayed from
parting wisdom bequeathed to me another sign head it well and be strong