I knew you’d drowned in the river
And was sorry that you did
Your picture everywhere
‘Please come home’
Out celebrating a milestone
Reports all over
Seen miles away
Hope is a tormenting bitch
I remember you from the old days
And how you couldn’t hold liquid
And drugs would wipe you
I just knew you’d done too much
And tumbled in
I’m so sorry you drowned
And that you were out with people
Who left you alone
On your birthday

Who Said You Deserved an Easy Time?

Sometimes you feel so down
You want it to finish
But you ain’t going nowhere
Because you already know
Deep down
When the line finally forms
To cross through your name
You will scratch and flail,
And kick, and scream
And drag your nails
To remain
Isn’t the whole point
To keep your head up
Who said you deserved an easy time?

Liberty Cap

Not sure why
No man’s land
Knife blade dance
Doesn’t hurt
Yet does
Not sure why.


Pills didn’t work.
Sunlight morning moan.
Bus home.
Head fried
Got out the bus wrong
Knocked a sweet older guy
Asking for direction.
Felt bad.


Nanny One: Stomach, Died.
Uncle: Throat, Died.
Uncle: Lungs, Died.
Nanny Two: Breast, Survived. Stomach, Died.
Dad: Bladder, Survived.