I can see the cross with the white flesh of Jesus
I can see his blue eyes looking to the heavens
I can see his body burning with the spirit
as the wood aches to hold his body down

I can see the spirit rising to his temples
glowing even brighter than his eyes
The Jews who are there seem to stand and stare
and watch the blood trickling into the ground

Where does it go? Where does it seep? Who does it finally reach?
Someone under the ground?
What does it do, revive and resurrect
Someone under the ground?

Far below, in the darkness where the demons live
a nostril twitches at the smell of blood
The smell of blood, the smell of hope, a hint of rain
fills the cavern of the evil and the damned

With eyes that glow
in the darkest night
they look above
waiting for the gentle rain to fall

To the cross somebody brings a leper
someone else their grandfather fully blind
a mother her baby who was born so strange
and a brother brings his brother with no mind

A man in chains, slave to his demons
is dragged to the man on the cross
The sight he sees calms his rage
for the man on the cross is dead

The man with the demons and the man with no mind
the mother, her baby, the blind man, and leper
return to their suffering so endless and dull
and a shadow seems to fall upon the land

Some people think of rain

In the cave where His body was gently laid
the demons, like cats, come curiously
with claws and teeth, and tears of strange reverence
they curse the curse that holds them chained like dogs
eternally damned to serve their dark master

They curse his bidding that they must do
and pause in homage before their desecration

Then: “Unwrap him from his shroud” they cry
Unwrapped he is and naked he lies
“Now take the dog we crucified”
They place the dog they killed to mock
“Now place the dog where he once lay”
The dog is placed within the shroud
to await Resurrection

“Now to Hell with the damned and he the most blessed!”

Each limb of Christ a demon holds
as they follow the sulphur trail to Hell
The body is white and pure and glows
but the gentle light it throws won’t show
the scaly blackness of demon skin
Alone it seems to float and flow
like the ghost of a dreamer

Through empty caves with shadows filled
they’re swallowed to the Great Abyss
then plunge like drowners who thirst to die
and in their downrush see fires soar
from many miles below to meet them

They flap their wings to land like dust
and lay their burden gently down

What light is this that dims the fire?
What breeze is this that cleans the air?
What hope in Hell now Christ has come
and lies in peace among the damned

who look upon and dream
such sleep as this be theirs

But Satan comes like the end of life
his shadows, lunging like piranha fish, fill the gloom
devouring each glimmer and gleam of light
then fall upon the eyes of Christ

The Devil squats upon the corpse, calls it dead
commands it rot and turn to shit,
but it does not. His anger grows

“Bring me my feast” he bellows flames
“I must eat” he grunts and farts
And as he waits he is amazed to find
that Christ has a penis

He cackles like a poisoned whore
They bring him food—the hearts of Jews and a soup
that was bled to the Moon
and other delicacies too disgusting to mention

Gorged like a maggot he stands over Jesus
and opens his bowels like a harlot’s cunt
Evacuated, contentedly he waddles off
leaving a pile of shit three feet high

The light has gone that dimmed the fire
There is no breeze to purge the air
Beneath the heap there lies no hope
Instead of Christ a dog lies there