I am from Atapuerca, in Burgos, the son of a dinosaur count and, in this town or town, no dinosaur was lucky enough to be female. All the dinosaurs that God gave to the people were males; you can imagine with which member! Very similar to those of the most exalted Donkeys.

In the Castle of Burgos, there were no females either; well, we couldn’t get married.

Tired of being in this Atapuerca, which was nothing more than a mine, where you had to go down and upstairs. Here, you were meeting a donkey, governor-general; a priest more donkey than a plow, from whom you asked for alms and he would not give you a single real; and a country doctor who only knew how to walk between the buttocks and the thighs.

Alive or dead as we were, we would go down to the city of Burgos and, like pilgrims, we would run in the pussies of the trunks of the trees of the Paseo de la Sierra de Atapuerca or in those of the path of the Río Vena; like this figured.

“They have them at your feet, for those who want to fuck,” said the governor general.

“Under her cute pussy, she has a very fat mole.”

One day, I and four other dinosaurs went down to the city to check the signs that the governor-general gave us.

We went in search of the arboreal pussy; but look where we saw a Dinosauria Romera, which was completely uncovered, showing its Foal and starting to shit. We went to shake her hand, but she gave us a monumental shit.

From there, we go like men tempted by the Devil. We discussed it in the town, in a general assembly. From there, the order and the desire to leave Atapuerca arose, which we did, leaving the entire region empty, beginning the depopulation and disappearance of our species; well, we went to Italy and we all fell into the sea.

Some survived. So they say. And they are in some roundabout of Burgos, the city, and in Salas de los Infantes.