A free pass to go dark, so how dark do I go?

How do I get to the dark web, is it that bad, seriously, what’s there that I haven’t already seen on the web? Plus, I don’t know what’s true and what’s just a myth. A sinister place of total evil, untraceable surfing where the worse shit goes when humans flush. Sounds like a great afternoon; too bad, Larry.

Research first…ugh, pain.

Seems like a Soviet satellite made the world smaller and vulnerable in the 1950’s. The U.S. president creates a research group for national security and Cold War bullshit. At the same time, other groups all end up working on basically the same idea, unknown to each other. Then, in the late 1960’s, the Internet; a strange response to a rocket, but whatever: computers can communicate.

Anything you can find from a WWW search without a password is the (clear) web.

There is a deep web as well as a dark web? WTF. Okay, so the deep web is where private information is, like medical records, legal information, and social media are supported. Passwords are needed and secrets that spiders and crawlers can’t find.

Totally legit and illegal at the same time. Even if you are using a fake profile, the Internet provider software still tracks every web page you go to. WWW tracked.

The infamous dark web is a totally separate encrypted mirrored image of the regular web. Tor or Freenet are called onion browsers, endless lawyers that scramble the footsteps of the user. The search path crosses several random nodes so it can’t trace it back to anyone computer.

WOW, a weapon of espionage and the underground created by the U.S. Navy and somehow sponsored and supported in secret around the world. An encrypted, writeable web where good and evil share who knows how many dark webs. The truth means nothing, or is subjective. My takeaway is evil lives on all forms of the web; it’s just harder to get caught in the dark, trust is impossible.

A virtual world of fake people, profiles and causes, heroes and villains wear uniforms, preach, teach and make laws, friends are enemies, everyone gets bullied, and we are all broken. We judge right and wrong by what we see; no wonder we are confused, it’s a mess.

Mind blown.

Me and my friends are just trying to fit into our own skin and discover our identity and sexuality. We look for a cause, a reason to choose a path. We look for acceptance, and freedom to change. Our behavior sets the trap. We hold the world and all its possibilities in our hands and surf alone in our room on group chats.

A big part of our childhood is sacrificed by the way advancements take our youth; we grow up fast and confused, we can see what the world does to weak people and how it is acceptable to hunt and kill the enemy. The games we play are what we see on the news every day. Pushed to grow and pulled back when we want to know.

I see now how stupid it is to think about taking a stranger’s profile and posting shit and surfing illegal sites, and how it could really cause shit I never dreamed of.  There is no way to ever know who or what is real online.

I am just going to delete the profiles, I need to get away from trolls, haters, and online bullies and turn the frickin’ phone off.


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