School Drama

You aren’t going to believe this,
I just got an email from the kids’ school,
I got an email from your biggest fan,
He’s sent an email to the school administrators and copied me,
He’s calling you the boyfriend and saying that you’re the source of a lot of problems,
How embarrassing,
He’s also asked that you not be allowed to attend the ceremony on the first day,
This guy is nuts,
I know,
How do you think Alicia will respond,
She’s not going to say you can’t come,
The kids want you there and I want you there,
I know,
There’s absolutely no reason not to include you,
It’s just pathetic,
I know,
When do you think he’ll be able to accept reality,
That’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Tuesdays with Taylor

You’re still adjusting,
To a lot,
Too much to cover here,
But the schedule is part of that,
And childcare is part of that,
And there’s now this consistent time,
A scheduling thing,
On Tuesdays,
Where you have the munchkins for the afternoon,
This is no small issue,
After all,
Tuesday comes every week,
And these are the munchkins we are talking about,
Before you know it,
You’ve been doing this for quite some time,
You make them lunch,
There’s time for everyone to do their own thing,
There’s time for the three of you to be together,
Board games,
Throwing the Frisbee,
Just talking,
Helping 2 with her math,
Talking to 1 about whatever is on their mind,
Tuesdays with Taylor,
That’s what they’re calling it,
That you get this kind of life,
With these kids,
Who are making their way into your heart,
Who are having a big impact,
On you,
On your life,
We’re talking about the most important little people the world has ever known,
Because that’s how you see them,
No matter how things go,
And you hate that you sometimes go to a dark place,
No matter how things go,
These kids are probably always going to be the most important little people,
The world has ever known,
Because we’re talking about your heart,
And your world.