Dream Catcher

Love is among your nightmares
Bound on the wall
Caught in Native American inspiration
On stereotypically a stoner’s
Weblike headboard
As the falling awake
The vampires
And naked classrooms
Come to lie beside you
As if the other man is just
The worst of dreamland
Scarring you
I see the scars
Scarring me
You say claws caress in their own way
And admittedly I am so green
I might as well bath in envy
Soapy with my own self-obsessed
Dreams of tomorrow’s potential
Smile down sun
But as a fellow sleeper
Waking along the world
Know this first:
Nightmares walk on two feet
And I may love one too

I Wanted to Wave

A Glance
Crystal Among
Coal Dreams
His eyes

Eyes that wave
A starry
Sheen glazed
Gargantuan gaze

Twinkles ferocious
But he cannot crack
The porcelain crossbeam
Etched on my gasps

The eyes try though
As rainbow tears fall in living rooms
You were beautiful
As burning boys seesaw the scales
I wanted to wave but—

This heart against
Chiseled breath
Will not weigh a chance
Nor stand another glance
Far cried through the aching days
Forgive me

Purple Kiss Horizon

I am
Past the Purple kiss horizon
Where no love escapes
From lonely heart’s gravity
Scything ’round bruised space and
Bleeding clocks
Tick thicc
Like Purple thigh gaps
Gaping gourds of infinitesimal
Pour unrolled
A universe
Where all stars
Are different supernova


Oh, I can’t thank you enough.
I’ll see you in heaven baby,
And the fork is even in the bag.
Oh, thank you baby.
My name is Lorraine, what’s yours?
Oh, did you say angel?
Did you say Gabriel?
Maybe you’re from heaven baby.
I’m retired, but my dad fought in Vietnam,
And you’d think they’d care.
You’d think they’d care about babies like
I’ll pay you back. I’ll pay you back.
My bank account is full in heaven baby.
We’ll walk to an ATM then.
Oh, what’s your name?
I’m retired.
I used to be beautiful baby.
I used to make it at a Piggly Wiggly,
Then at an AT&T store
In New York,
But not the New York
You’re thinking about baby,
Not exactly.
Oh, this ankle kills me.
All this walking it’s…


You see how my earlobe hangs like this?
They hit me with a bottle baby,
But they’re gone.
Isn’t that a blessing?
They think it’s just guitars and boots
But it’s also broken bottles.
Oh, I’ll see you in heaven baby,
But until then
This is as good a place to sit
As any