A Sonnet for Elvira, Mistress of the Macabre, No. 13

She is a one-woman Sodom & Gomorrah
            They say around this place where the women fear
            That their own men will expect a lot more in bed
            Than they have been putting out before she came

She is a one-woman Sodom & Gomorrah
            They say around this place where the women gossip
            That so-and-so’s husband has already been seen in her company
            That she is going to do every single, virile male in town

She is a one-woman Sodom & Gomorrah
            They say around this place where the women speculate
            That she is going to have all the men eating out of her hand
            That she is going to turn every young woman into a crazy lesbian

She is a one-woman Sodom & Gomorrah
            They say around this place where the women secretly wish they were her

A Sonnet for Suzi

a horror artist inspiration from Rick Melton

Sweet Suzi’s got back, boy does she have one
So she twerks till it hurts, hurts till it twerks

What sours Sweet Suzi, soft like sushi
Those zoot suit zombies zooming her zoobies
Bagging her brains should be their best bargain
Banging instead is what they beg charging

Sweet Suzi’s got arms, boy does she have them
So she swings and she hits, she hits and she swings

What sickens Sweet Suzi, sexy and nice
Shady Chupacabras checking her twice
Glaring way long with small, retro-red eyes
That beg for “hello”s, but just get “goodbye”s

Sweet Suzi’s got legs, boy does she have them
So she runs and she runs, dang now she’s gone

Song: A Zombie Zonnet

pain, pain, go away
come again another day
today is just not that day
to turn into the zombie way

brains, brains, got to eat
what’s alive is what I seek
try, you can; run, retreat
i won’t tire, nor my feet

slain, slain, now you’re me
come with us, come and see
no more fear when you are “we”
to walk and eat and left to be

shame, shame, go away
sing sad songs on other days

Carmilla vs. Los Zombies

an inspiration from Warrant Publishing’s Magazine: VAMPIRESS CARMILLA

O’ fair, O’ wonderful, sweet Carmilla
We thank you this long and horror-filled night
With a glance you kept the world from their might
As Los Zombies marvel splendor so bright

What the living and dead both want to hold
Is explicit in words, nasty and bold
It is that very trance that stops them cold
Growing accord between new and dead old

Like a bug zapper, you’ve taken control
The Creeps bewitched by the stories you told
Paralyzed masses becoming one mold
The lips that became the weapon of gold

O’ fair, O’ wonderful, sweet Carmilla
Saving us from us…or what once was us

NFEKSION/INFECTION: A.Z.E. (After the Zombie Event)

(original text)

nah daz no da wa id uz 2 b spel
bud doz id madder naw n diz bad wald
weds dukasion iz nah pryorty
weds libing iz mo portant dan id
ones pon u time wes wor smot
nex pon u time wes wor nod so smot
wens da nfeksion dus kum pon uz
den da tshirs dy den da liders dy
den da govmend dy den da nazion dy
den da mamaz dy den da papaz dy
den da kultors dy den da ol ertz dy
medaforkly syd ebryding dy
da nfeksion tornd milons bud u fyw
yez day wal serchon 2 mak uz lid dem


no, that’s not the way it used to be spelled
but does it matter now in this bad world
where education’s no priority
where living is more important than it
once upon a time, we were very smart
next upon a time, we were not so smart
when the infection thus came upon us
then the teachers died, then the leaders died
then governments died, then the nations died
then the mamas died, then the papas died
then the cultures died, then the whole earth died
metaphorically said, everything died
the infection turned millions but a few
yet they walk searching to make us like them