Garden of Gravestones

through amber waves of grain
regime snakes slither
belly-grinding the sweated wheat
farmers procure
for flakes of slime soaked in verbal spittle
shelved by government drones
consumed by the masses

united debates on tv
crawling blind into our living rooms
baby needs new shoes
what’s that?
my baby needs new shoes

junior miner wants black lung
just like father and grandfather
celebrity miracle-worker
save us

the drool of dollars and nonsense
crumbs from your mouth
our invisible assets and
means nothing

yet shifts the populture
through verses of curses
insect fillet you say
texas desert will
consume them

who will never kiss the ring
or genuflect in puddles of blood

Transition Mission

the Ramones blaring on your car radio
belies your new suburban house

there is a difference between growing your hair long and just not getting it cut

the old table you unpacked
weighs more than you remember
drenched with past insanity
wrought by the gnarled hand of madness

but you’ve just bought a brand new kite
and it’s windy outside


two thousand nineteen
breathy pianos
attempt to revive
the once living room;


the chords knot around
screaming angels’
halos where

godless harmonies
gallop a siren song
eating the livers of fate

from dread to extinction
in two thousand thirty