Geriatric Movie

Geriatric Dirty Dancer hoping to meet good-natured dysfunctional geriatric partner, after having been to a disappointing geriatric cocktail party after having left the equally boring geriatric speed dating dinner, now at geriatric investment seminar.

Action roll ‘em…

Close up of tan man who is laughing like Pinocchio with jaws Botoxed too tight.

Fast pan in on the 70-year-old with the very wrinkled very exposed cleavage

Geronimo of the Condo is seen arriving with the Love of his Life firmly gripping his forearm

Lucy Large Lips from Boca stares from across the room

What are these people doing here?

Looking for…? Love in such a wrong place?

Short bald man lovingly staring into the eyes of geriatric platinum blonde bombshell

While she gazes across the room

Hoping to find someone else, anyone else

Vito, tall dark vim and Viagrad

Sneering while looking over the women like a box of chocolates

Please hurry up let’s get some real action going on here!

Glasses clink, swill swill, laugh laugh laugh

Like a dim watercolor of refugees from bombed out Berlin

Heading for the last train to desperation station


Cards were dealt
reluctantly held in our hands
there are no magicians here
no card tricks that bedazzle
the deck gets shuffled
decision to call, hold or be all in
awaited by the dealer, with sinister eyes
no way to bluff
expressionless faces we hold so well
pray maybe the cooler comes by
the room is hushed,
we are hidden behind closed doors
smoky air
 makes this look like a speakeasy
we are never safe here
sunglasses on

long sleeves cover our bruises
our track marks
the stench of booze overpowers
our abuses pile up like our chips
forgive us for never
looking into the eyes of the cloaked clergy
“Bless me Father, for ‘I’ have sinned?”
we cannot feel remorse
have become numb
no flinching from pain
controlled, reticent
 always appearing aloof
We surprised you
made it out alive

What Ace were you dealt?

Photography, Accidental Exposures on Kodachrome

Photo album slide shows, lined up to view
loaded onto Facebook for all the world to see
segments of captured pieces of time
The viewer beholds expressions
bodies in motion out in the sun
in the water in the spray of the waves
groups of people, singular and in pairs
carefully juxtaposed bodies
with smiles like a Vogue fashion shoot
sucked in stomachs
hugging, holding, smiling
looking most blissful
the non- impromptu shots are the best
the ones in which some faces refuse
to look into the lens
how does the viewer really feel
about the images of themselves
they later see?
are they accurately portrayed?
which images do you believe to be true?
the photographers?
the participants?
are they promoting something?
is this a clever marketing ploy?
should these framed portraits be in noir?
behold the Eyes of Laura Mars
fashion photographer
who took pictures of murdered victims
I cannot endorse these
as family vacation clips
they are so like Nazi propaganda vignettes from Theresienstadt
being shown to the world in hopes of swaying the onlookers that
life is just beautiful here…
that this is one big happy family
No, I know the truth

Laughing Out Loud in the Afterlife

Last night
               us dead people
sat around
                on our eternal couches
Looking out loud
                at all of you back on earth
tears of laughter
                falling down our faces
our guffaws loud enough
                 to wake up
all the deceased
                 from their heavenly beds
staring down at the
                 awestruck expressions
on your faces
                 when you found out
that you were “not in the will.”
                  instead of sitting
comfortably in retirement
                   you will be forced
 to get up
                   off your asses
and keep a job
                   our friends here
 in serene eternity
                   slap their thighs,
 laugh hysterically
                  can’t contain themselves
instead of what
                  you thought
was to be
                  “your golden years” payout
we fleeced you
                    we oldsters who you all thought
were just old fools
                   put our hard earned money
 on a long shot
                    someone totally
 unknown to you
                    who came around for us
when we were on Earth
                   held us in their arms
 when life took
                    some sad turns
 bestowed kindness
                    without being asked
 or having expectations
                    of anything
In return