Gilipollas (Douchebag)
Is a city, village, block or corral
From any City in any Country
From any Continent.
Here, lovers are always
In a trance of Good Friday
Like on that day when Maria Mery
Placed in the prayer of the Word to Love
Saw herself entered by Juan John
In the presence of Magdalena
Lady of very great sorrow
Because, by committing adultery
People were going to flog her.
Mary Maria, knowing this
Of sorrow she bitterly cried
And when she came to herself
She heard John Juan saying to her:
-Lovers’ path
We don’t know from where it comes
Nor from where it goes.
Through that flat mountain range
Where we find bloody compresses
Through those spiky mountains
Where cuckoos peck condoms
As if these were cocoons
Magdalena, contemplating those condoms
Some of which she had bought
In the machine next to a Pharmacy
That in feet and hands she had them
As drawing from his heart
A soul in pain
She so expressed herself, saying:
-All lovers
Are like the Lovers of Teruel
“Silly him and silly her.”
Who practices love
And does not learn
The day of their last Powder
Will see what happens to him or her
Like to Gilipollas’ Lovers
That each of the two left
To take it up the ass.