1925 marks the fateful year of the birth of Olof Thunberg. Young Olof was an ambitious actor with ideals of making it to Hollywood…well, young Olof got stuck with voice acting and sucking—or, in his case, “sugen”—Jewish cock for about two decades until he came about a self-hating Lutheran—which comes with the territory—named Ingmar Bergman. Ingmar promised Olof a big role, yet gave the Hollywood hopeful a lousy role as an organist in a bitter film called Winter’s Light. Oh, how Olof grew bitter.

This bitterness didn’t stop at his half-a-krona career, but he projected all his hopes and dreams onto his son, Svante. Now Svante, through his father’s lousy connections, got a role In a lousy operatic version of A Doll’s House by another self-hating Swede named Henrik Ibsen. During this production, he met the opera singer named Malena. To Svante’s reluctance, it was a progressive production by a random Jewish man named—his last name had “stein” in it, not Epstein, at least not yet. Svante was cucked into the role of playing Nora and Malena as Torvald.

His reluctance melted and he began to love this bizarre cuckery which grew and grew as any Hollywood hopeful should know. They married and he was constantly led by Malena’s choices…every Christmas, before they burned a Bible and practiced a weird ceremony based on a hybrid of Swedenborgian metaphysics and Jewish mysticism, Malena forced Svante to wear the original dress from that first Doll’s House production in which Svante wore a Neapolitan fisher-girl’s outfit and danced around his kids while Malena sang high notes and played the piano. One child who was most affected by this cuckery was the one named Greta.

Greta would express to her father and mother that she would like to be an actor just like them. Her first role was at a private Swedish university—a location I myself can’t reveal—as Julie in Miss Julie. But this was no usual production of Strindberg, for it is midsummer’s eve when slaves mate with kings, and so this young Miss Julie had been subjugated to a live initiation into a Kabbalist group. What goes on in these initiations I cannot fathom, but I will say this: Olof, now being old yet still ambitious, pulled a few strings for this role, since he was promised a lead role in a Disney film. Oh, poor Svante: he tried to rush on stage, but was held back by some strange cloaked man. He began yelling “Greta! No! Not my child!” It was the only passionate cry he ever spoke, yet this time he was not on stage…soon after, Svante was MKULTRAed and began promoting his daughter into half-wit theater societies.

It wasn’t long before Greta began acting in major stage productions throughout Israel as a child Lady Macbeth. She was quite fierce in her role, where she would meet many prominent Jewish investors who would watch both in the crowd, behind the stage, and in the dressing room. One man named Jeffrey Epstein caught a glimpse of her act as he walked in late to the production of Macbeth, with some fiery pink eyes and powder on his nose:

Greta Thunberg as Lady Macbeth:
Come to my woman’s breasts,
And take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers,
Wherever in your sightless substances
You wait on nature’s mischief!

Epstein’s eyes lit up into a fiery bright pink and he told his secretary:

Epstein: Ghislaine I want her to play as Juliet in my very own production of Romeo and Juliet.

Ghislaine: well she’s not quite 14

Ghislaine and Epstein locked a passionate eye glare
then began to laugh out into the fateful night air.