I am very fine and exquisite
Eating clams and mussels.
I can’t stand a hair on my lips
That’s why at twelve thirty sharp
Of a passionate night
She, lying on the side of the bed
Open legs
And I, on my knees
Licking his pussy
Clam or mussel
To the point of a bite
On her clitoris or nymphs
I swallowed a hair
That I felt like a stab
In the heaven of the palate.
Worst of all was
That I saw her blood run
While i came
Feeling like a criminal
Like a murderer
Of her Pussy
Clam or mussel.
When she told me:
—Love, you have not done me wrong
What is the blood of my period
My menstrual period
I felt relieved
And I started to throw up
Well, its smell and taste
It was gross and repellent
Telling myself
—How could I make her my girlfriend
With the disgust that she gives me?
I left her lying on the bed
No natural orgasm
I covered her all with roses
And white petals of a carnal cocoon
Saying lovingly:
—Although this Pussy disgusts me
Clam or mussel
You are the most beautiful.
I’m going to get married with you!
In the city of Lisbon
Capital of Portugal.