The heart, misunderstood, mistreated, is the one to blame, the one that entices our emotions to conquer, and ultimately reach our demise. Alone it has been granted the power to sway logic and all other possibilities and render the wearer a victim of one’s self. This is well known to us all and yet we fall.

If love is a gift, then the price is also the consequence. It is easiest to find when not being hunted for and once captured we fight to contain it. Love’s gift is allowing itself to be caught even when it is not understood. It can only be appreciated by the ones closest to it and from a distance observed by hate and envy.

Can it happen as fast as a fleeting glance, and if so is it really real? Perhaps it is. Perhaps not, maybe it is more like an opportunity than an offering. It may be that if love is an opportunity and not something any one is entitled to it is easy to overlook it, or misinterpret it or squander it away through our own ignorance.

If you are suddenly struck by the heart of another and taken by surprise, know that love is easily found when not being hunted, and until you truly love yourself it will be hard to find in someone else. Love should never remain silent in your mind and should be vibrant and moving at all times and allowed to grow, wander, experience and share other emotions. it’s not a test of love to let it grow or wander it is evolution, that is what is needed to keep it as it is intended to be kept.

If you want love to end, give it boundaries and contain it. So now you know, love is the gift and fear of loss is the consequence. No one loves the same way and some feel that it is easier to love when you care less, these are how we see ourselves and project the image on the other person and then blame them for the failings of the heart shared. If it is not truly shared, then it is not love that is to blame.

Renew your love each moment you see her, remember why you desire her and never miss a chance to experience the reasons you continue to chase her. Keep her close, but never fully obtain her spirit, admire it for what it is and change nothing about it just love the time you are allowed to have her close. Each time you are together is another chance to love again, hold close to the memory of first sight and relive it each and every time you are together. The loss of a true love is not the price we are intended to pay but remains repercussion.