Rosina “Springtime”
Fresh out of fairy tales
Looking for the blue prince
Charming of her childhood dreams
Already made a woman
She was strolling through a dance hall
Called “La Barca” (The Boat)
Next to the San Isidro meadow, in Madrid
Where she met a boy who ditched her
Who invited her to dance
That Nemesio was called.
-How beautiful you are, Rosina.
You have very fine breasts
And you are a beautiful woman.
Thus he entertained her
Pressing her against him.
No more than six months left
When he came to his parents’ house
To ask for their daughter’s hand
To take her to the altar of her loves
That more than an altar was a colt of pain.
-My daughter, don’t marry him.
Look: your father has known that he is a gulf
And an indomitable whore
Who also smokes joints
Who learned to put his dick in faggot assholes
And in the vaginas of whores
From hostess bars and whorehouses
Who beats and humiliates
Until they are violated without their consent.
-Mother, but mother
I really like him. I’m in love.
All couples are going to have sex
On the banks of the Manzanares river
And yet he treats me like a princess
Telling me that their loves keep them
For the Honeymoon.
-Daughter, Carmela, your friend
The one who is married, and with two daughters
Who would one day find his husband
Tucked into the double bed with a fagot
She told me that her husband
A Nemesio’s friend
He has told her that your boyfriend
That tomorrow will be your husband
Has for a Catechism “Porno Magazines”
And by the Bible
The Marquis of Sade “The 120 Days of Sodom.”
-Mother, when I marry him
I will make him change
-No, my daughter, no.
Never forget that bad guys never change
Well, “genius and figure to the grave.”
Already, the marriage agreed
The bride made her bachelorette party at home
With four friends in a happy party
While the groom made his farewell
Inviting three brothers-in-law
To a Tirso de Molina dance
With the idea of sleeping with a whore
Betting to see who of the four got it.
-Hi macho men, shall we dance?
After the dance there is Sex.
The three brothers-in-law said no.
Nemesio, however, went after her
Without taking the dance
Just thinking of throwing a cap.
The next day, Rosina and Nemesio got married
For the church, in privacy
Only her parents and the priest celebrating
Cousin of the groom, from Ciudad Real.
The celebration was tomorrow, at noon
And, at night, Rosina’s father and a son-in-law
Accompanied them to the Atocha Station
To catch a sleeper train
Which will take them to Malaga
For spending their Honeymoon.
He said goodbye to us saying:
-Goodbye, family
You’ll see how we’re going to enjoy ourselves.
She offered us a smile that seemed sad.
-Mother, you were right
Rosina said to her mother on the phone cryinging.
Already, on the train
He has treated me very badly, mother.
As soon as we arrive at the hotel and settle in the room
Without even putting the clothes in the closets
He took my hair
Dragging me even the bed in the bedroom.
He ripped my dress and all my underwear.
Having me like this
He stripped me completely
Letting go of my hair
And starting to hit and slap me
Calling me “bitch” and “whore”
Forcing me to kneel before him
And give him a blowjob.
-Get up from there Rosina.
Do not reply to me
That the cock that I bring
Must stain it in your blood.
-Mother, she put it first in my anus
Then through the vagina
All this done “doggy style”.
Then slapped my face
Running through my ears through the hair
Yelling at me:
-In two fucking hours every bitch gets up.
He laid me on the bed
That I left bathed in blood.
-I think, mother, that he had the idea of killing me.
This honeymoon, mother
has been the whole Passion of Christ
And the Maria’s pain.
-My daughter, by God, how wild.
But she didn’t kill you.
Come with us instantly.
-Mother, I can’t.
Full of fear and horror I am attached to him
Well, he told me that if I am not his slave
At work and sex
The bells of the Oporto church
Will sound dead.
-My daughter, what bad luck you have had
That you have married a demon.