Without Hope

Universal languages, laughter and tears
Interrupted the same
tears reveal what laughter must heal…

Our children starve in the shadows of all we construct
hide in the alleys that feed their misery to the streets that divide us
pound them to dust allow the rain to wash away
the calk outline reminder that I was there never intended to stay

I saw the sun rise today,
Yeah the same sun but not the same way
it promised change, it brought hope,
did I speak too soon, you can’t undo a cut throat
beyond the horizon that the future sees,
at the table of tomorrow save a place for me

your memories are an echoing heart,
young and conflicted, souls torn apart
paths crossed in fear and hate back then,
only to grow as friends
brought back in the end to save me again

the power to unite through song, 3-minute escape
whisper grows to a cheer, the mob comes together
make me mortal, show me, gravity hold my wings
our today is full of these worrying things

prejudice, ignorance, hate, not the teacher of fate
the bed made to sleep, never the right time to speak
I’ve learned to succeed at failure that much is done
Failure to succeed is why I run

your puzzle doesn’t fit with me,
my puzzle doesn’t fit with you
take one away, add a piece change the view
patience is the only way I will fit with you

Homeless without hope


Rescue me from my own shadows, breath life to my failures
light the darkest moments with simple acceptance
smallest gestures, so natural mean everything, keep me from the edge…

I was never good enough for you on my best day
this truth I now know so here I am come find me
look down and yell I speak out as well
I sleep now in the smallest spaces tuck my world in around me
ignore the faces they disappear and become impressions of a memory
no less important the superficial is removed as it is no longer needed
the clues I leave are the words but don’t define me
inspired by life itself good advice is never believed in time
advice I leave you from beyond my tomorrow
the ground holds me from you as you turn to leave
I will be here or there always just ask
I never left you even when enlightenment lead to a dark past
truth is a treasure not shared equally by the masses
to men things will be forgotten but forgiveness is not allowed
women carry memories for-ever and will allow themselves to forgive
never to forget
creatures we are not are we all habits are taught
decide for yourself what someone’s memory means
know that some lessons were never told
walk to your destiny empowered by histories lessons if you can
life is a cycle to make advances less painful
you break it by not allowing the bad to echoes past
your chance to make change
grasp it and hold it close as you watch mistakes fade
my unanswered screams will eventually concede
to the world I am unable to leave
time will acquaint me to my new home
until the real me is allowed to carry on