creatures of instinct

stop to think and you
have already fucked
it up

we are creatures
of instinct

relying on thoughts
is like watching a cat
try to solve a crossword

now, i do believe you
can possibly enhance
your instincts with

but it has to be in
a reactionary sense

life is this game where
every second is either
wasted or used

how it is used often
determines success
or failure,

of course, that all depends
on the lens it is being viewed

too many bend to the whims
of the powers that be,

i have no problems being
the ship mistakenly thought
to be lost at sea

the end of the rainbow

never trust a man
wearing superhero
underwear in his

never trust a woman
in high heels with legs
that seem to go on forever

only the brave souls ever
get to the end of that rainbow

there is a con man behind
every screen name

and that woman sending
you naked pictures has many
mouths to feed in his african

life is this silly game of who
gets the most toys

and who pisses away an endless
fortune of talent in the name of
a beautiful woman’s pussy

i’m not afraid to die alone

just think it would be a little
more fun with some other
tragic soul by my side

just not interested in trying to
convince someone i’m worth
it anymore

break your soul

you were around the age
of fifteen when you first
realized you needed a
black woman to break
your soul

you have asked plenty
over the years but no
one was the right
woman for the job

you are old enough now
to know hope is some
hooker on third that
has seen better days

your money is all tied
up and not the way you
always hoped to be

there will always be the
dream that pam grier
will walk in one day
and know exactly
what to do

maybe when the pandemic
ends and the itch becomes
so fucking needed to be

you’ll get lucky and
find a willing angel

one that actually
understands and
sees what little
benefit she might
actually get out
of it as well