Some Kind of Love Story

Circuit court,
This is where,
Marriages go,
To die,
And that’s why,
You’re there,
A ten-minute hearing,
You’ve been told,
Cameras on,
You’ve been told,
Wear something decent,
You’ve been told,
So you log on,
To start the party,
The obvious party,
There aren’t going to be,
Any big surprises,
You’re there,
But your head,
Is elsewhere too,
That first encounter,
On Conway Avenue,
That summer,
Of romance,
Her meeting,
The parents,
You meeting,
Her parents,
The sharing,
The back and forth,
The energy,
The connection,
The laughter,
The touch,
And the ups,
And downs,
The drama,
Every relationship,
Has drama,
You get that,
But even now,
Moments before,
This thing,
Officially ends,
You still feel that
Your drama,
The drama,
That you shared,
With her,
Or sometimes,
Didn’t share,
With her,
What you,
Went through,
With her,
There was a lot,
Going on,
A complicated,
Special circumstances,
A uniqueness,
To it all,
There’s no,
Denying that,
Will the uniqueness,
With time,
Who knows,
You doubt,
That it will,
Just to be,
You’ve given up,
Gave up,
Long ago,
There are lot,
Of scenarios,
A lot of things,
To consider,
And luck,
The things,
That could’ve happened,
But didn’t,
The things,
That shouldn’t have happened,
But did,
There are a lot of,
Love stories,
That last,
Love stories,
Where two people meet,
In a sort of,
Random way,
Form a connection,
Quite quickly,
And fall,
In love,
And then they,
Face challenges,
But they overcome,
Those challenges,
Because love wins,
And you’ve always,
More than enjoyed,
More than appreciated,
A compelling love story,
But your story,
My goodness,
This story,
Isn’t that kind,
Of love story.

Takoma’s True Beauty

Showed him,
True beauty,
And now,
That he’s seen,
What he’s seen,
He can’t,
Look away.