Kiss Me, Again, Again, and Again

The coppery taste of meat beneath your sweet breath lingers
Like a penny on the tip of my tongue.
Head or tail?
Can’t lose—
Lucky me.
My equilibrium’s fucked raw,
As my hands drink-in the warm curvature of your hips.
O, glorious spit—
A little dab will do ya—
Streaked red and hot,
Never take me from this place,
Leaving me
Haunted by the ghost of that breath—
Your Heaven,
Your Hell—
That leaves me…
Words can’t capture what’s smeared on this cheek
By fingers,
Sticky and sweet—
So why try.
Kiss me,
And again,
In that white muslin dress of thigh-stretched daisies
That roll and grin like morning shadows,
Smiling at secrets hidden in dark places.


Dishes are piled high in the sink.
Papers strewn about
(My business for none to see).
Cobwebs frame doorways,
Waving, familiarly, in silent clamor.

I walk these floors,
Dirt, beneath bare feet,
From many roads taken
And the soles of passersby.

I pass books stacked high on chairs and tabletops—
(No more room on the shelves)
Ones I’ll always remember. Ones I chose to forget. Ones never to be read.

How funny it is to see this place
(This place where I live, rosy-hued)
When the switch is flicked.
God, this place needs a good cleaning!


Suck’n gin from ice cubes,
Clouds drift across pale azure.
Crickets join the fun.


Let fir’y tongues wag!
Words fall like eggs from cartons.
My shell is harder.