“The spread of arc light–based street lighting systems (which at the time ran at a voltage above 3,000 volts) after 1880 led to many people dying from coming in contact with these high-voltage lines, a strange new phenomenon which seemed to kill instantaneously without leaving a mark on the victim. This would lead to execution by electricity in the electric chair in the early 1890’s as an official method of capital punishment.” — Wikipedia

Bam / a thud / the basement / your mom / cleaning the laundry and I was alone with you in your room / upstairs tied with duct tape / the only thing you cared / was getting me into / a closed box three hundred years ago / five thousand something people died / a certain kind of hunger / ate another kind of hunger alive I read in history class / you meet me/ in the hallway / kiss me softly on my lips / unnoticeable / I take one step back / you press my body against yourself / ready to leap forward / almost choke me out of myself I let out a gasp / Gold / I am so electrified / I finally understand / AP Physics now and also what happened to my ancestors two / hundred years ago: electricity.