Sheryl woke up around midnight to find a roughly humanoid giant monster in her bedroom. As she started to scream, the monster tore the covers off her bed and her pajamas off her body.

As she continued to scream, the demon roughly rubbed all over her body while lingering on her more sensitive parts. His long, forked tongue invaded all of her orifices, not stopping until he had poked into both ears at once. Her self-defense training was no match for his strength.

“Continue screaming; that just makes this more enjoyable for me.”

By the time his cruel treatment was completed, her screams had become whimpers.

He then picked her up by her waist as though she were nothing and lowered her slowly onto his organ. The whimpers became moans as they established a rhythm.

After five mutual orgasms, Sheryl spoke, “God, that was great, but what would you think of a new scenario? We’ve done monster assault a lot. You don’t exist in the daytime, but I’ve got a pool and a white bathing suit for after dark.”

“You’re thinking Creature from the Black Lagoon? Great. I can become Gillman without scales, so you don’t get scratches as in my natural form. If we get tired of that, there is always wife at home and pool cleaner when husband works late.  Been done too often? If we want to stay dry, you can reinforce the chandelier for something really acrobatic. How about I become a hopeless high school boy and you are the sexy tutor in mathematics?”

“I don’t mind the scratches. They lend authenticity and I love the new ear trick.”

“See you at your pool 10pm Friday? I’ve got a date with newbie Beverly on Thursday.”

“Works for me.”

“See you then. Love you babe.”

“Love you too, monster.”