I remember when you cheated on your boyfriend with me.

One time at work, we rode the elevator together so you could meet him in the lobby and made out on the way down, mere seconds before you greeted him with a kiss, my spit still on your lips.

Sometimes when I’d fuck you, you’d complain that whenever I fucked you right before you met up with him, you had trouble getting wet again. I told you that wasn’t my problem and you liked that I said that.

There was that time you were in bed lying flat on your back, Skyping him from the computer on your stomach, and I was a little further down eating you out.

You said he didn’t like me, and I told you that wasn’t fair since he had no idea I was fucking you.

Apparently, he never ate your asshole, and that’s just wrong. Only prissy faggots never eat ass. I sent you that meme about it and you didn’t know what it was, so you opened it at work. You were mad, except you definitely were not mad. You definitely just brought it up so I would eat your ass more.

It was super weird that time you told me that he, I, and that other guy you were fucking all had similar fathers. I did not like that. I can’t remember, but I hope I did some demeaning shit to you the night you told me that.

Can you even remember that time you said, “I like that about you. I fuck you because you’re an asshole.” Later, when we were dating, you said you didn’t remember, but you may very well have been lying.

Obviously, you were super unhappy with him, and that was a little sad. I never really got why you didn’t just break up with him, especially since he was living in another state and all. But you didn’t. You just fucked me a lot instead.

Now you’ve got a boyfriend again. But I remember when you cheated on your boyfriend with me.


“I Remember When You Cheated on Your Boyfriend with Me” is an excerpt from Richard Power’s new memoir, Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert. You can purchase the book from Terror House Press here.