If you had a cock, I wouldn’t suck it.

Thanks for asking.


Having done some reading, the verdict is in: it is good for your mental health to keep a diary. And if the list I found online is to be trusted, a lot of damn fine people kept diaries. I sort of want to try, except that I don’t. Something about keeping a diary is really gay. But as you know, I have got to do something about the voices and memories that rattle around my head all day, driving me mad.

Today, instead of starting a diary, I am going to write you this diary-like letter. So get ready for gayness. Being a girl, you’ll probably like it and wish I’d said more shit like this when we were still dating.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll indulgently say it again: I’m sorry. I wish I had not prioritized politics over you. 2016 was a crazy year. Things I should not have done:

  • Given my savings to the campaign.
  • Ditched you on your birthday for that event.

Wow, aren’t cigarettes grand? I might have actually gone through with writing this whole thing had I not stepped outside for a smoke. Smoking might fuck up your lungs, but it clears your head. I am not doing this. I am not writing this. Degenerating to Tumblr is still degenerating to Tumblr, even if you find another medium. God, it would be such an emotional imposition to send you some kind of complete version of this. Sorry. I am now sending you this so you know I’m working on not sending you this sort of thing.

Hope you’re doing well.


“No” and “Diary” are excerpts from Richard Power’s new memoir, Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert. You can purchase the book from Terror House Press here.