Can you tell me how this poem ends? I know we broke up, but I could really use your help. As you know, Raymond Carver is great to get you going, but no good at finishing.

Man asks wife for a blowjob.

She obliges.

Things go poorly. She’s low-energy and grimacing.

He asks what’s wrong.

She apologizes, says his dick tastes like shit. Says she probably can’t go on.

Husband relents.

She says she’s tired and goes to bed.

Man wants to go out, calls a sitter.

Sitter arrives, man heads out.

A few hours pass.

Man returns.

Wife is still asleep, kids are asleep.

Sitter is watching TV.

Man and sitter get to talking.

Sitter starts flirting with man.

Man reciprocates.

They kiss.

She fumbles with his belt.

He lifts up her skirt.

He tells her they have to be quiet.

She tells him she’s not on birth control.

“Then get on your knees,” he whispers.

She spits on her hand and starts jerking him off.

“I want to get something out of this,” she hisses.

The sitter spins around and puts her hands firm against the wall.

Man gets the message.

She moans gently as he enters her.

He’s impressed she can take it at all, given her age.

She whimpers more as he goes deeper.

He covers her mouth with one hand before continuing.

The sitter’s ass feels good and tight.

The man pumps away.

The two suddenly hear the wife stirring.

The two stop without finishing.

They quickly dress.

The sitter fusses with her hair.

Wife walks into living room, seems suspicious.

Sitter leaves.

Wife apologizes for being a wet blanket earlier.

Man shrugs it off.

Wife insists on delivering that blowjob now that she’s had some rest.

Man tells her it probably tastes like shit still.

Wife says she doesn’t care, wants to serve him.

They go to the bedroom.

She takes his cock out of his pants.

It’s still hard from the sitter.

The wife is pleased.

“See, you want it,” she giggles.

“And you’ve waited so patiently.”

Wife kisses the tip of her husband’s cock.

She slowly but surely works her head down, kissing his balls.

Wife is filled with energy, eagerness, and smiles.

The husband feels great.

She pauses, taking the cock out of her mouth for a moment.

“What kind of soap did you use while I was sleeping?”

Man assures his wife he has not showered.

Wife can’t believe it, says his cock has never tasted better.

Blowjob continues.

Man feels guilty and confused, but good.

He can’t bring himself to induce a third false start in one evening.

Doorbell rings.

Man and wife are extremely annoyed, wonder who it could be so late. Stop.

Man answers door.

It’s the sitter, she says she forgot her phone.

Man lets her in and she starts looking between couch cushions, etc.

Man waits patiently but is clearly annoyed.

He shouts to his wife explaining what’s going on.

Sitter can’t find the phone.

Wife yells from the bedroom that she’ll just call it. Says that’s what they should have done in the first place.

Wife calls.

No one can hear anything.

Sitter says maybe she dropped it on her way out.

She asks that the wife call again, and she steps outside.

A moment passes.

Another moment.

The man is in the living room, and thinks he can hear chattering.

More time passes.

Man starts heading for the front door to see what’s going on.

Wife comes out of the bedroom tells him not to bother.

Wife says it was a ploy.

Says sitter answered the phone outside and told her what happened.

Sitter comes inside again.

Man looks from one to the other, unsure what to do or say.

Wife asks sitter to have a seat; she does.

Wife explains the matter of her husband’s cock’s varied tastes.

Sitter is stunned silent.

Husband is visibly nervous.

Wife asks sitter to get naked; she does.

Wife asks for sitter’s panties, and gets them.

Wife sniffs the sitter’s panties.

“They don’t smell as good as your cock tasted,” she says.

“Not by a longshot.”

Wife looks at her husband, and tells him to eat the sitter’s pussy.

Sitter lays back and spreads open.

Husband starts eating her.

Wife asks for a kiss.

The couple makes out.

The sitter watches and touches herself.

The wife pulls back.

“Your lips don’t taste as good as your cock did.”

Everyone pauses.

The wife is thinking.

“Well, put your cock back in her and then let me have a taste.”

The sitter wants to bring up the matter of birth control, but is too nervous.

The husband starts fucking the sitter.

Wife walks over to the couch and gets on her knees, opening her mouth.

Before anyone says anything, husband pulls out of the sitter and thrusts his cock into his wife’s mouth.

She starts sucking him off vigorously.

The sitter keeps touching herself.

Husband slips his fingers into the sitter as he gets blown by his wife.

Wife stops sucking.

Husband stops fingering.

“Your cock still tastes good, but less so.”

Another pause.

“How long did you fuck her for, Jerry?”

The wife glares up at her husband.

The sitter keeps touching herself.

“He fucked my ass, Mrs. Hayes.”

Silence reigns, except for the sound of the sitter rubbing her clit.

“Tina, roll over and get your ass in the air.”

The sitter spins over, face flat on the couch cushions, shaking her ass in the air and happily touching herself.

“Jerry, let me see you put your tongue in her ass. Slowly, so I can see it. Fair?”

She glares at her husband as tries to think about what he should do next.

Sitter stops touching herself.

She grabs each of her ass cheeks and spreads herself as wide as she can.

She’s grimacing a little, pushing herself.

Her asshole is gaping, just a little.

“Please, Mr. Hayes. I didn’t get to finish. Eat my asshole, please.”

The husband starts eating his babysitter’s ass.

The sitter purrs with pleasure.

The wife watches, astonished.

The wife grabs her husband by the hair and thrusts his lips to hers.

The couple starts making out, heavily.

The sitter watches, aglow.

The sitter starts rubbing her clit with one hand and fingering her ass with the other.

“Mr. and Mrs. Hayes, you two are so hot. I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I’m sorry I didn’t ask permission first, Mrs. Hayes.”

The wife pulls back, looking at her husband.

“I think that was it.”

Everyone looks dumbstruck.

Mrs. Hayes yanks Tina’s finger out of her ass and starts tongue fucking the sitter’s asshole.

Tina purrs more.

“I always thought you were really hot too Mrs. Hayes, I just didn’t know what to do about it.”

The wife pulls back and again says:

“I think that was it.”

“Please fuck my ass, Mr. Hayes.”

The wife motions for her husband to obey.

The husband shoves his cock in Tina’s ass hurriedly.

He’s had so many false starts tonight, he’s lost track of the number.

He wants to finish, and Tina’s ass feels good.

The wife grabs the base of his cock and slowly pulls it out.

“Mrs. Hayes, you’re torturing me!”

The wife deep throats her husband’s cock, gagging.

“Please fuck me. Either of you. Both of you. Anything.”

She slowly starts sucking it.

“You don’t have to pay anything! I’ll do anything. You’re both so sexy. I need to finish. This is torture. Mr. and Mrs. Hayes, please!”

“That was it,” says the wife slowly, but confidently.

“I’ll go down on you Mrs. Hayes, really, I will. I’ll eat your asshole. I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Shut up, Tina.”

The wife asks her husband to stick his cock back deep in Tina’s ass and to fuck her for a minute or two, then to pull out and put it back in her mouth.

The man obliges.

The sitter is elated and touches herself as she’s sodomized.

A minute passes.

“Tina, let me suck on that finger you had up your ass,” the wife says. It comes like an edict, not a question.

Tina sticks one of her fingers in the air and the wife starts sucking it thoughtfully.

“I really think that’s it. Jerry put it in my mouth.”

The husband pulls out of Tina’s ass.

Tina starts whimpering, still playing with her clit.

The wife starts sucking off her husband’s cock, it’s unnaturally warm from being inside Tina so long.

“That was definitely it,” she says, pausing with the cock wrapped around her fingers, an inch from her nose.

“Oh God, you’ll never have to pay me to watch your kids again, one of you please just fuck me!”

“Shut up Tina.”

Tina stops playing with herself. She lays still on the couch, sulking.

“What are we going to do?”

Before anyone can answer, the wife pops Jerry’s cock back in her mouth.

She stops.

“Well, for this to be fair, it has to go the other way too.”

Yet another pause.

“I’m the woman of this house. If I have to suck my babysitter’s shit off of my own husband’s dick, she has to do the same.”

Husband is stoic, standing next to the couch, erection as strong as ever.

Tina looks confused.

“You said you’d do anything, Tina.”

Tina says nothing.

The wife starts to undress. Slowly, but unerotically, like she was in a locker room.

Man starts to masturbate.

Wife is naked, gets on her hands and knees and thrusts her ass in the air.

“Tina, eat my shit.” Another edict.

Tina looks at Jerry. He motions towards his wife.

“Tina, get down here. Wrap your cute little lips around my asshole, and suck the shit out of me.”

Tina looks at the husband, fleetingly, and does what Mrs. Hayes demanded.

Tina sticks her tongue out and puts it firmly in the wife’s asshole.

“That’s right. Good babysitter. Stick it further down.”

Tina pops her head up and down.

“Jerry, give her a hand.”

The husband grabs Tina by the back of the head and pushes it hard into his wife’s ass.

“Good girl. Eat Momma’s shit. Let me hear you slurp up my shit.”

Tina starts slurping.

“That feels so good. Momma likes that so much. Suck it all out Tina. Suck all of Momma’s shit. Slurp it down. Good girl, swallow it all up.”

Jerry keeps forcing Tina’s head up and down up and down.

“What a good little girl you are, Tina. Momma feels so good when all her shit gets sucked out of her.”

Tina whimpers in the affirmative.

“Get all of Momma’s shit out. Keep sucking, Tina.”

Jerry is moving Tina’s head up and down faster and faster.

“Okay, that’s enough, Tina. Good little girl. Catch your breath.”

Jerry lets Tina go and pulls away.

“Okay Jerry, fuck my ass.”

Jerry scoops up Tina and dumps her back on the couch.

He kneels over his wife.

Her asshole is gaping a little and he easily glides his cock into it.

“Ooh, that feels good.”

Jerry starts sodomizing his wife on the living room floor as their babysitter watches from the couch.

Tina starts touching herself again.

“You guys are so hot.”

Jerry starts fucking his wife faster and faster.

Tina starts touching herself faster and faster.

“Okay Jerry, don’t finish. Don’t finish.”

Jerry slows down.

“It’s so good, but you’ve got to stop. You’ve got to pull out and make her suck it.”

Tina keeps touching herself.

“Tina, get back on the floor and get your mouth open.”

Tina goes to them, touching herself the whole way.

“Okay, Jerry.”

But Jerry keeps fucking his wife.

The wife likes it. She’s liked it this whole time. Everyone can tell.

Jerry pumps her harder and harder.

Tina is on her knees next to them.

She has her mouth open, her tongue out, she’s masturbating as she waits.

It looks like Tina is going to cum.

“We’ll see how big your smile is when you slurp my shit off that cock you like so much.”

Tina is unaffected.

It looks like she’s coming.

Jerry keeps sodomizing his wife.

The wife is a deleterious mix of angry and orgasmic.

“Tina, you’re going to deep throat that cock no matter what it looks like when it comes out of me. You got that, Tina? Jerry, pull out and feed Tina my shit.”

Jerry pulls out and shoves his cock into Tina’s mouth.

He grabs the back of her head and holds it tightly.

Tina starts slurping vigorously.

“You like that, whore? You like eating shit so long as it’s on my husband’s dick?!”


“A Poem” is an excerpt from Richard Power’s new memoir, Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert. You can purchase the book from Terror House Press here.