And we adhere to dreams…
Resonating in the blue-green veins,
Neatly coiled between the
Sharp-edged bones carved out
Of lust and mortal needs.
We strive to read between
the lines of jagged words…
raw and drenching with bloodied
emotions, sprouting from
hushed desires and eager eyes.
We wake, we sleep…
Spiraling in and out of this
Fascinating reverie of life
and death. The grays intense and
We adhere to dreams.


Night has a way of expediting thoughts_
I punch the pillow to settle the feathers
But the devious witch of sleep alludes.

The keys of the laptop blink at me
A soundless call of the magic invention
put together by Modern wizards of technology.

Night impels a fresh bout of creativity,
Conspiring with the darkest hours and
hushed tones of voices from present and past.

The pull is too strong for me to resist
Coerced by my deepest, strongest longings
I craft a web from my disjointed words.

My poor vocabulary weeps on the page
Unwittingly heightening the raw excitement
of having the enticing power to craft within.

We Who Are Forever Damned

We who are forever damned…
Locked away in gloom and fire
Enveloped in the furious hiss
of red tongues lashing out
to lick and devour.
Envious of the perplexing chaos
ringing between Heaven and Hell
Insignificantly significant…
So here we are_ forever damned
Caged within the Self.


Dead beauty you are mourned
by shallow breaths and bitter tears
by half formed words
                                    and floppy tones.
The cuckoo lies dead at your feet
frozen in silence and quickly forgotten
by those around
                                    your white corpse.
The curtain of death is thick enough
heavily fringed with sickening gloom,
with dark despair
                                    and lost hopes.
Oh, beautiful marble goddess awake
sing for your devotees around…
with lilting voice
                                    and cheery tunes.
This world now seems forlorn
wrapped up and lost in silence
with grey devouring
                                    the flaming hues.
Farewell My Soul! My Love! My Heart!
your death is the death of my gasping Art
of passionate words
                                    and starry dreams.
Farewell My Queen!