Heaven Heaven Heaven

Ripple lips touching lost surfaces.
Hope letter trust my finding seed, nothing grows here anywhere.
Tread careful these waiting hands touch mother great soiled altar daughter.
Fertile moist mound running north hiss high frothy gums, blood flecks in my cough.
I grunt, but rather wood moan.
Shaky fingers hover over slut tips.
My growth rages for musty hole.
Politely ask my cock who says poop shit.
Touch me with your moist warble.
Blonde hairs in bun held by rub her hands.
I see you fade away.
Knives are in my eyes.
I see only God’s asshole.
It’s wet, and stinks worse than I could have imagined.
Shit thoughts, I see her fuck, take his throb prick in her drippy cunny.
She touches her clit.
Sparks shot buck load ping pings through her warped contorted spine.
Her eyes are a mist.
Prick creamies her cunny tube.
Me pregnant again shrug wiggle wag shoulders burrowing mousy into the sweat-soaked sheets. God puts his arm about my shoulders and says, “Look here, faggot.”
Oh, joy.
In ghost spirit ass projection, I lick her gut bowel clean.

The List

Death to onlookers waiting with drool mouths to gobble not things.
Death to foolish thoughts and typists waiting to become fat on dripping tick tocks clocks bloated on stolen lines.
Death to little miscues, gut gurgles, forcing such adaptations.
Death to hunchbacks with inferiority superiority complexes eating reality fabrications [we just want to decay].
Death to murderer bitches and fucks listing reasons to worship come toys.
Death to pious and hatred creeping black spider lizards quick deranged starvation mice swarming hornets about fallen trees.

Poetry Reading (What a Gas Chamber)

Point lisp dong piddle broken and dripping cream. Clot fills my stick icky bung. Hop about wildly, splattered with canned trust ruptures thick globs all over and I think to myself, why here? In answer to our question and its deep boots fucking silly Jim will you is there any water in this damn place? What do I got to do to get a fucking drink of something I’m toxic to everyone. I seep into space and distort. Jiggle please wiggle about for me see how nice pathetic lie masks fusing my flesh hardening flesh transforming and eating my hollow. Hand uncurls. In the palm slits breath, sparkle. Is it thinking what not it is? A great golden balloon floated with seventy long horns, shark teeth and twirling knives. Gut me, gut me free spill out trickle splatter a bucketful on concrete floor. Snorts haha. Gushing out whimper not. What village? Who, who is there? I am so hungry. I’d eat, but have no stomach.

Sinner Dick Vomit

Centered pee wreck tit goop.
Put needle in my sick and wire.
Limp rubbed on lipped rabbit headed cherub circuit pills interested ink spilt wondered ice.
I peel skin from my soil.
I pouch my face powdered lack sun.
Drenched in clocks fallen state seek gone lot roar.
Streaming poison, waiting on hole pulp.
Granted sold woken hoarders troubled dainty makeshift pud led.
Forgotten trick shifters swayed hungry
and fragile muses shimmering temptress linker phage
whole pour tired mucky ring.
Noble way ages gene rape meat rings wait cake and pant sweet wedding sets.
I wander lost and afraid,
corridors winding through eternity,
wall clocks striking shift and shit,
waiting my turn.
The sentence is BREATH.
I break in sweat and discharge tremors.
Almost a heaven, I sigh.
I know.
Praise God.

Lover Boy

I dislike everything typed
or seen
ever forever in murky gump shallow registered on mind puddle wipe away.
I am born to swaddle not things,
hold close,
and stab my own guts in fever twist.
Pop brutal titty worthless empty bones.
Fade into not thought
she never liked you anyway.
Writing is shit, useless.
Sloppy bum fuckers punch drunk on stupid.
Shiver. Press mush fibs whisper.

Can’t Go Back

Within womb slit slick stinky warm caress touch with tongued shudder,
shudders no.
Keep me.
Keep me please.
Suckle suck me teats sprouted along wall.
I slobber but nothing but wee dribbles peep pee into my mouth.
Taste almost entirely imagined.
Not real.
Not enough.
Pinch teats like pimple.
Cannot with slick fingers so I strangle myself and die unhappy.