A little rock ‘n’ roll and tequila is good for us in the alternation of generations and in our nuclear skull. Our animal organism has a diploid chromosome endowment on its waist and legs, and we dance like subnormals when the music plays. As a result of the meiosis of our feet, the dance is reduced to a haploid endowment and, through the rubbing of our sexual organs, they call it “putting on a chive,” it returns to the subnormal diploid endowment. If, in addition, a little alcohol and chemical substances are added, the life cycle scheme is reduced or culminated as happens in Algae and in certain sporozoans.

Coccidios and Gregarinas we are while we dance rock ‘n’ roll or other music, observing in the changes of dance and rubbing a lowering of panties and a rise of underwear; that is, a zygotic reduction or initial exaltation of the mussel, with subsequent expulsion processes with colostrum and foam that are expelled from the reproductive organ.

If we accompany tequila to rock ‘n’ roll, then it is the re-hostia (host). Seduction is sudorific because it takes place in the formation of sweat in the pores of the skin. Sudorogenesis that develops a diverse cytology in the clitoris, which is diploid, and at the tip of the cocoon, which is haploid, experiencing other alterations if the dance is performed in a bottle.

If there were fertilization, the subnormality begins the cycle again and, then, we see that love begins with the zygote and ends with the formation of flagellate gametes in copulation, the girl ending in the rhizopod Polystomella crispa. Crispa was called the girlfriend of a friend of mine.