Sin must be uprooted // weed out the unnecessary numbers // as goldilocks says
countdown the integers interlude // and gather around the soon to be fortunates
the unfolding must be fair // no peeking nor switching // as much as they may
the lots are set // and their fates sealed // pick a figure in its prime // and let go
don’t blame others or the stars in the sky // or blame God under your breath
the chosen one must accept the chance // to follow the laws of nature // and lo
behold the sacrificial lamb // blondie’s lucked out // he’s the one // to immolate
but this is unfair // he bemoans // why do nice guys always seem to finish last
his mousy eyes filled with ire // his lips pursed with contempt // drawing out
the mighty crowd // for a moment // abandoning the principles he’s lived by
be a man // be a good soldier // they abash him // encircling him in // closer
but it’s not meant to be this way // I have done nothing wrong // he says thrice
that’s not the point // they remind him // we have a duty // no matter the price
the deed must be done // we must all abide by the scriptures // to secure halcyon
for the Lord gets his best soldiers // out of the highlands of affliction // it is true
so // one by one // they pick a pebble // feeling it around in their hands // before
skimming stones on the blessed soul // scratching away the scum // out in the sun