Mercy, who they call “Misi”
That the priests’ Hee-Haws echoes she cheers
Like all Hispanic people
Even, especially, that bunch of Andalusians
From the common people
That sticks for wearing a step of Easter
In Hee-Haws very facultative and very expert
Has gone out without her mother knowing
With those effluvia from Cunt’s lips
That reach her throat
To see to meet Johnny, her first boyfriend
Envy of the donkeys of Madrid and surroundings
Like Toledo and Cuenca
Skilled at Hee-Hawing and with a Prick
That for themselves the donkeys in toga and miter would like
Chevrons, sashes, epaulettes
That he is going to receive her, in the afternoon
In his house, alone because his parents have left
With a stiff Prick
On Lista street, Madrid
Cortijo street of dukes and duchesses
Bullfighters and she bullfighters
Where neither big nor Hee-Haws
Another Community beats them
That glory has! It is only hers.
When entering the door
Johnny tears “Misi” the panties and other clothes
With his erect Prick.
—I will give you clean clothes; I will give you to move
And your luck will be to have sung with happy success
My penetration to your beautiful garment.
—Oh, yes, Johnny, treat me the Cunt very badly
No mercy please with it
And if you know Hee-Haw fucking
I’ll let you in through the eyelet
When you have taken good advantage of my “Micifú”
Or manifest Cunt.
—How much is a Hee-Haw worth fucking you, Misi!
Johnny, from behind, has put seven leagues behind Prick
Reaching up to the chime in his throat
Making it ring.
—Rage, anger, without mercy, “Misi”
Nobody beats me by fucking Hee-Haws
Not the great donkeys of my land.
—Wow! Ay! Ay!
—Get out of here, Johnny, get off of there now!
Take out of the eyelet
That prick that you have
That you must stain, now
In the blood of my Cunt with meringue.
—Mercy, Darling. The next Sunday
We will go to the hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida
And we will tell a friar to marry us.
—Yes, I know how you tell me, sonny Yin.
As you did that Saturday that, behind the hermitage
You fucked me with your carnal friar.
If you do it to me again, my parents will kill you.
Angels will flip your ass
Hanging on your lush Prick
And the demons will take you to hell
From the grave of your grandmother and your father
Dragging you by the balls.
—Don’t be afraid, “Misi”, my Love
So kindly accept my offering.
—If so, my “Micifú” will fulfill the duty
To practice it.