Stark night blooming full moon
Aggrandizing expanding embellishing
Stars and cars colliding marking a child
With great expectations

Moon beaming sacred womb
Encircling the promised sun

“He will be a formidable grandson”

Put on a crooked pedestal
she had such a long way to drop
With nothing to cushion the fall
Plunging in deep disappointment

“It’s a girl”

Moonlight reflected on a cascade of tears
A deafening silence drowned the dulled room

Medications kicking in unsound stupor
Contorting and convulsing numbly around
Burying the corpse of the memories shared
Before identifying him under the white sheet

In the loss of blood dignity and security
The new mother was lost in her own thoughts

“She sure eats a lot that one” he said

Disfigured in disgust and disdain
He blamed them for the death of his son

Like mother like daughter
They remained silent

“I will never acknowledge her” he proclaimed

United in this schism
Her mother and father
Still loved her
And her daughter


“She will be a force to reckon with” they said

Unlike their counterparts they
Did not forsake their flesh and
Line that runs deep in her veins

“You are not alone”

Convincing her to keep her
Cracking the curse castellations
Continuing to pray and light

In the wind
Against all currents and currency

“This too shall pass”

They have kept saying
But all the while she has lost
Herself in the aberration of

“I wonder what she’ll become”

Liar, Liar

His tongue claps the devil’s saints-bell
that rings none but me to confusion.
In hue all hues of hell descending,
Madness comes without warning.

My own sanity put on trial,
I have no means to defend myself.
Even the devil’s advocate is nowhere
To be seen or heard. I am all alone.

He, on the other hand, has the privilege
To hide behind his flailing family and
Professionals alike, ready to protect
His interpretation of facts and Love.

Left to burn without Reason or cause,
I voice my affliction into the void while
He waits for me to die silently in brim-
stone and fire. Do you not fear God?


Show me the monster beneath that dimple,
The laugh lines caressing your fair face.
I remember you as you were in my arms.
Your kisses fell in the nook of my neck
Like embers from an assuaging autumn.
I could see the blaze of dusk in your eyes
Falling gently in the stream of your soul.
But in the crevice of your scar hid a kind of
Darkness that I could not contain. I could no
Longer recognize the look of love. Yet, I clung
To you desperately, only to be shown the door.