Mosh Pit Zombies: A Zombie Zonnet

mosh pit zombies in a musical trance
once the music stops, then we really dance

they begin the chase, we will run from you
yelling at the band, hope they get the clue

shouting: play some more, or we surely die
it’s just the thing that keeps them occupied

as to when they turned, we don’t really know
it must of happened sometime in the show

the conundrum of this chaotic mess
are symptoms of what the lyrics address

can’t have dark metal without dismal death
it’s what gives the genre its toxic breath

so here we are, just going round and round
once the music ends, dead ones will abound

For the Love of Brains: A Zombie Zonnet

eating brains was common in some places

I first ate brains in Mexican tacos
“barbacoa,” they call it in Texas
there was nothing wrong with it when I did
in fact they were quite delicious to eat
sold by the pound when I was growing up

eating brains was common in some places

might have heard of it somewhere over seas
taboo, especially live monkey brains
maybe heard it in a story or two
maybe saw it in American films
maybe it was elsewhere without knowing

eating brains was common in some places
but now, it’s everywhere, walking with death

Jumping Rope with Zombies: A Zombie Zonnet

one and two: zombies are coming for you
three and four; and be knocking down your door
five and six; they’ll be breaking bones like sticks
seven and eight; zombies open the gate
nine and ten; zombies walk lose from your pen

jump rope with me and I will set you free
if you stop now, there is no guarantee

eleven and twelve; in a shotgun-hell
thirteen and fourteen; they are really keen
fifteen and sixteen; always causing a scene
seventeen and eighteen; you’re gonna scream
nineteen and twenty; the dead are plenty

jump rope with me and I will set you free
if you stop now, there is no guarantee

Wisdom for Zombies: A Zombie Zonnet

death is a journey, full of twisted turns
here are just a few, things that you must learn

accept that you’re now, what you’re now to be
do what feels good, do what comes naturally

time to know yourself, plenty days in sight
the world is still full, ready for the fight

shotgun shells are hell, food is worth the risk
swift to the selected, wistfully brisk

sounds of the screaming, should but bring you joy
cornering live ones, you’re the real McCoy

savor every piece, flesh that you can find
you are your truth, always keep that in mind

don’t you forget, wherever this takes you
you are the zombie, the world is your zoo

Chupa-Ku, Volume XV: No. 71-75

el chupacabra
only looks out for itself
not loyal at all

the real truth is that
they exist, but they do not
play well with humans

chupacabra waits
for no one, nor a handout
it takes when it wants

fresh, cool, morning dew
runs beautifully across
the goat’s twisted face

envelope of dark
seals in your wildest fears
el chupacabra