How Narrow is the Gate

Cracks in a wall
And a plaster wall
Endless halls that end
Golden frame, shining, reflecting
The door is small and uncomfortable to get in

Enemies cloaked in honey and sugar
They can convince you and then be gone
The endless battle that ends rages on
above your head

The demon need not show itself
It finds comfort in what you know
A rope tied ‘round your ankle
As the fire burns below

The siren has been freed from its own
She roams and is overwhelmed
By how easy it is, she thinks
To drag men down to hell

As shadows and shapes lurk around
Their intention is made clear
To convince you that you are not you
But that you are weak and frail and queer

Walk into the sword held against your head
You’ll find it is only a trick
Be strong against the mountebank
His power is less than he thinks

You walk barefoot on a path
A path paved with salt
They stripped the skin from the bottom of your feet
You’ve answered God’s call
You’ve answered God’s call
The door is small and uncomfortable to get in


The trees are budding
The flowers are blossoming
The sky is vast and blue
It smells like summer

The sun hits off the lake just right
The fire pit is lit, so entrancing
The flames cast a soft light
Which bounces off your face against the dark sky
The moon is the only other light
The smell of barbecue and s’mores
The night ends so gently

We hop in the car and roll the windows down
Warm wind flows through our hair
The radio hums out “Sweet Home Alabama”
The sweet taste of Coca-Cola
The sky goes on forever

We pull up to the stadium
Can’t wait to finally catch that foul ball
You look adorable with that baseball cap on
Those short shorts reveal your sun-kissed long legs
I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else
The smell of the ballgame:
Hot dogs
Freshly treated grass and the dirt on the infield
It’s a close game but a good one
We never did catch that foul ball

We drive home as the sun is setting
The weather is as perfect as perfect can be
We sit out on the porch swing
The sky is painted pink as the sun sinks low
All of a sudden the sky fades like a movie
The stars begin to dance across the sky
I’m with you, the stars, and the universe
The fireflies make you giggle
They’re your favorite
The fireflies make it all alright