Our Nation

excuse your choices through a prejudice voices
disguised by socially accepted moral compasses
reset by popular demand, trends change at medias command…

Peace keeper breathe, breathe for the ones that reach their last breath they take it in silence
Yet they scream, they scream beyond you, you fail to hear them

The children come to you they seek warmth and salvation do you see them their eyes are wide with fear and hardship they look to you with love

Turn away in a hidden shame they will never understand, they are here for all the right reasons they seek what you took, admit it, you ran for a new hope, the fight to be immortal

Will you ever meet them with an open hand, offer them shelter and a chance
is there acceptance your choice should they gain entry to a land not yours

Peace keeper you are a child on the world stage young, as a nation ignorance and oblivion your excuse care takers of where you stand, hold out your hand that started as a fist

Your history is a troubled one, deny why it had to be rewritten, do you remember the search for sanctuary, you made the journey hands greeted you did they ever resist

Pride in cultivating culture from distant shores step over the indigenous people’s acceptance to claim all that is not yours, force them to un-arable land crush their spirit because you can

As peace keepers judge us not, we build cities of greatness and railroads beneath
we see the enslavement of nations by others, dare to reach out to save distant brothers

We take in openly the victims of others, apologetically stand among United Nations war is not our industry yet inhumanity we oppose, the worlds best friend is the role our humility chose

The beauty of four seasons, natural resources fresh water fresh air only some of the reasons
so much to lose because we have a lot fair trade to the world when the treasures were not

War hero’s created and immortalized, the winner is always right, the masses of poor born for barter, trade, a commodity of self-righteous nations socialized

Romanticize our tragedy in the movies and media no war is civil, drive the justification for genocide, annihilation crime, is any war just, in any God is there trust

Governments we elect follow the direction of corporation’s agendas we didn’t select
if they speak for the many why are they on the run

Political correctness and special interest has forever changed opinion and honesty we are forced to live our lives online so no one will know our faces

Remember once we ran for our lives found a new beginning where a new world could survive
exile people that do not conform our embarrassing truth ignored shadows of lies we preform

Technology take over, dark web weaponry, governments secrets fake news, the communist democracy infected nations, gilded crimes unpunishable

Communism is democracies alibi, we are shoulders others stand on
we lose our reasons why, so far from our intentions how hard did we try

The only good promise is the lies it hides, impoverish and control the weak
we promise a cultural melting pot the truth is in commerce fairness forgot

Graffiti Alley

Anxiety peels back my skin
Alone in the crowds of ignorance
Forced to confront the demons…

life feeds me the same indigestible meal
feast on what the rats refuse
drink from the back alley sewers with closed eyes
my war over now the battle begins
so many ways to lose a fight I have seen victory destroy a life
the innocent resting in bed the night came thunderous clouds erased their home
my sentence for service is to live to die each day
do your duty, do your tour, tear apart a foreign nation claim victory and return
live as an animal outside your own skin
put aside morality your God looks away
see war crimes carried out victory claims the history books
what some call oppression others call a fight for freedom
the defeated all bleed the same but the living remain wounded
my words are the silence others pretend not to hear
homeless and dirty no place comforts us deployment complete
traveled so far to amount to nothing lest we forget is all we remember
not deserving of the dust destiny waits to claim
hero’s medals are reminders no tears left to shed
drown me as I run from the past no land will claim us
we turn our back on society shame and survival guilt
the memory of duty done replayed fallen innocence continuous replay
no peace in our memories only for the ones that don’t remain
honor is to important to give into defeat
society turns their backs on the ones that make it home

We the Meek

Look into the corners of forgotten places
the meek await their turn, the changing horizon moves closer
recognize there are battles you have already won, recognize your strength…

We are all damaged abusers also victimized
Bully tactics represent our fabric
Societies advance only enhance
Religions persuade through fear
Corporate western culture clash
Democratic rule under communist view
Work sacrifice fill the pockets of the future dead
Treat our symptoms so we live to feed disease
Cures are definitive no profits received
Spiritual commodities ponds placed for play
Bring us your tyranny
We defend with our life
Send our children off to war
Democratic votes paid for others platforms
Governments cater to corporate sponsored reforms
Dark web creators play games with no rules
exchange your demons in the places where others feat to go
Untraceable unspeakable nothing moral applies
Lessons best taught are not through words but actions fought
Advice is a soul cleansing push away device
Celebrities take an emotional stand
Voice their despise for gender and social inequality
Spotlight on take center stage take the popular side and rage
Time is the only value to a gift spend it with wisdom
Life is always lived to it’s fullest we are not all given the same duration
but arrive at the same station
we play God each day created in our own way
decide extinctions results influence the weather
paint the sky with man made clouds
light or extinguish forest fires
combat natures defense with our all mighty dollars
the future is our but not the planet
burn the earths coal to fuel advanced revolutions
leading edge technology still reply on fossil fuel solutions
the guidance of religion written by man
science to prove what faith fights to promises

Tiny Hands

So many lost to tragedies end, what brings the fated together
billions on a planet we cannot support, prolong our fight against nature
are we prepared for our departure, our dust will create a desert unimaginable…

Reaching out the smallest hands arrived today
Through a life born never asked for
The innocence of their touch, so much awaits your influence
The gift of a life is not in the living
it is the power to pass forward the choice for the one given
Hard to imagine how they will change the world they embrace
A chance to advance us past our mistakes
Powerful yet small the future waits freedoms chance
A chance to change the world with the words they may write
The power to erase the wrongs of the past with other hands they guide
Wipe away the hurtful things that stain our memory and the past

Tiny hands yet to touch the world
be the reason for my righteous redirection from all our errors
the blank canvas of life’s possibilities awaits your hands young ones grow
can those hands paint, can they sculpt, can they make music can they lead
Without touching a brush, clay or the musical keys
Can they? Yes, in their own way

Tiny hands created to take on a burden
Our shadows leave you with hard decisions
lead with our knowledge as your wisdom
leave a better tomorrow than we leave you with today
forgive and remember the political apologies for promises made
create the hands that create all tomorrows
a hand raised against you today may be the help you need
to learn past and prepare for what’s to come
never look past a moment to learn
even the hurtful times may not always be too bad

Children Lost

I sleep in the smallest spaces
tuck my world in around me
darkness takes over ignore the faces…

Dress me up in the clothes you chose for me,
they are not mine by choice but
no words I live the life imposed
take away the decision make all of mine for me
freedom of will is what I gave to be one with you one without me
paint me in the scene the way you need to see me
dictate the life I live by the one you want to leave
ignore the memories of events of your past
truth without audience will never last
actions speak for all the words never said
forget the actions of the earlier times that effected what we did
select a starting point of convenience for when it all went wrong
remove your guilt by ignoring the roots of how it came along
why do we play our dress up game
play each other like puppets on a hidden stage
scenery painted by your words
support pulled the curtain falls why are you surprised
come find me you know where I am
you know deep down what drove us here
turned and left take no blame for yourself
when did you convince yourself you were a fool
to trust in someone you were devoted to for a lifetime
one moment erases what you need to have cleaned
your heart is the location of the crime scene

Truths Anthem

Words are the mere image of what emotions represent
Vicious, threatening, telling, compelling, envelope me
Breathe with comfort exhale in fear…

Welcome to a time to overreact
to exaggerate proportions of acceptability
political correctness oversensitivity, settle in to a blue chip life
texting auto-correct, incorrect, check before sending
too many life hacks leave security at risk, run from the grid
the past has hurt so, many so often, in so many ways
to make the cyber bullies go away turn off your tech, block, delete, repeat
gift our future with technology we grow to hate
divide generations as youth’s hands embrace what we create
evolution of human kind a multiple false profiles we create on line
anonymity provides escape deeper web hides dark webs criminalize
scales of justice replaced, it’s a pendulum and swings forever, brief moments of perceive equality
the law is two systems one of interpreted word that outlines humanities rights
the second is how will the first system get paid black hole of the justice the pendulum price
privilege through color equality through special interest celebrity endorsed cause
to keep the spot lights on media stance, hold for applause
gender re assignment on demand redefine natures course
candlelight vigils victims never see fake news online to turn off the TV
speak no evil so they can’t misrepresent what you say, see no evil just accept it and look away
hear no evil remain removed from the everyday
evolve to obscurity journey bound bring the world together in artificial isolation
keep the dust from settling discoveries gift is what nature provides
immortality within our reach a remedy may already be found
money at the root, feed them enough to sacrifice the trees
work hard to succeed fill the pockets of the ones without need
the future dead fail to succeed there are no bank machines in a cemetery
corporate sponsorship is how things get done, sole mates impossible to find
until you have met everyone
place your add on the moon so we can ignore the sun
mother nature a tourist attraction, we destroy to extinction
the big picture of the world is hard to see speak atrocities out loud to give scale to infinity
will we allow science to prove the promise of hope that religion brings
our history is an unfinished book written by victories privileged
truths are often buried out of sight, never mind
legend tells a story create religions from lore
the chosen walk in the footsteps of the Gods
our mission is to create a one we can trust


In every late hour conquered by inescapable inspiration
Release my compassion to the page
My desire should allow my right to care for one’s cause


Keep your sorrow silent the misery is in no need of an audience
How the hell do you hide when the cuts come from the inside
Same sky different night


Stranger reach out to me through words written inspired by complexity
Depth of your vision invites introspection
Brother I am not your equal cause me to rise above


These words are the wisdom I bring
time to look back will change my message
a better me is my journeys promise…