Denis felt his turgid member pulsing in his hand. He edged it, one stroke, two stroke, stop. Sarah’s wavy red hair stopped tossing. A black fist gripped it into an ersatz ponytail and pushed her face into his crotch hard. Denis fought back the urge to power stroke and blow his wad into the stratosphere; he slowed down to enjoy Sarah’s facial abuse. He watched the hard muscles of J’Ron’s hips flex and pulse under his slick, oily black skin as Sarah made gagging sounds on J’Ron’s Pringles can cock.

Sarah was a size queen in two ways: a big cock for fun, a big wallet for lifestyle.

Denis’ heart throbbed in his chest; the excitement of watching his redhead slut whore wife getting jungle-fucked while Afro-Caribbean dance music infected the air with savage sexual pulses. A violent, primitive part of Denis’ brain clicked along like the database servers at work. After J’Ron emptied his black seed into Sarah’s cunt, Denis would enjoy the frenetic reclaim fuck when he stuffed Sarah’s face into the sweat- and cum-soaked bed sheets.

He could almost taste it with each pulse of his cock matching the throb of his heart. The fear that J’Ron’s massive load would take root in Sarah’s womb. The thought that this ivory-skinned soccer mom would birth a darkling offspring in nine months’ time excited Denis.

Pre-cum dribbled over Denis’ knuckles as his fist tightened and relaxed on his shaft. His purple-headed mushroom poked from his thumb and forefinger.

Fuck it, I’m going to cum and keep cumming while they fuck, he thought and worked his palm up and down his dick. Just means I’ll fuck her that much longer.

Electric shivers rode up and down his spine, through his arms, through his balls.

J’Ron picked up Sarah and threw her on her back. Her legs spread wide, eager hips cocking to the ceiling.

“Call me daddy, you cave bitch.”

“Come on, daddy, rape me like the pathetic, sorry piece of fuckmeat I am.”

“I’m gonna fuck that pink pussy inside out. Tear right through it. You know you want it; a real man be takin’ the white man’s bitch, yo. Heh, heh. Heh,” J’Ron said, looking over his shoulder at Denis stroking his five-inch cock. “You like that, white boy? Watchin’ me turn your woman into the black man’s bitch?”

Sarah exhaled and inhaled in sharp gasps.

Denis watched J’Ron’s horse cock disappear inch by inch into Sarah’s gash, the same gash that he had fucked since he was a junior developer, the same cunt his son and daughter had come into this world through.

“Oh, God! Pound that nigger dick harder into me!” she shouted.

J’Ron forced all nine inches of his cock in and out. Hard thrusts bounced her ass off the mattress.

“Fuck! Rape me! Fuck daddy!” Sarah said as J’Ron slapped her hard in the face. Another violent penis thrust synchronized to the slap.

J’Ron stopped and threw Sarah to the edge of the bed so her head and hair hung over the edge. Then he got off the bed and positioned himself to force his cock back down her throat. He stood so that his ass was directly in line with Denis’ gaze.

J’Ron grabbed her breast hard, “I’m gonna jam me up some snow bunny mouth!”

Denis got tunnel vision; his eyes could only see J’Ron’s clenching and unclenching ass cheeks, his wife’s upside down gaze, J’Ron’s black balls slapping her in the nose as he throat-fucked her.

Denis’ focus was so intense he didn’t register when the bedroom door silently swung open.

In a split second, the master bedroom was full of black-clad men.

Denis blew the biggest load of his life when a muscled-out man slapped J’Ron’s dick out of Sarah’s mouth.

A strangled “Eeeep!” a few octaves higher than normal was torn from J’Ron’s throat.

J’Ron curled up like a pill bug, cradling his crotch, screeching over and over again, “Muh dick!”

A second man brought a baseball bat down on Sarah’s stomach like he was chopping wood.

A tall, slim man closed in on Denis. Denis took in the man’s immaculate corrected, grain-high, shinned yellow-stitched black boots, then he was gazing in slow motion at the boot’s translucent sole raising towards him before crashing into his chest.

A feeling like a thousand pounds dropping on his chest exploded through his ribcage.


Danny grabbed the hubby by his throat after kicking his chest. “Okay, cuck boy. I’m going to ask once, you’re going to answer, or something bad is going to happen.”

Kurt stood over the redhead and let out a guffaw. “Fuck, this sorry slut pissed herself.”

“Wha-, wha-, wha-?” Denis hacked out.

Sarah let out a wheezing moan.

J’Ron cupped bloody hands to his crotch, biting his lower lip, tears in his eyes.

Danny squeezed harder; Jimmy joined with him in the stare down. Denis’ eyes flicked back and forth between the two of them: J’Ron’s bleeding dick and his piss-soaked wife a million miles away.

Danny pinched the trapezius nerve cluster in Denis’ neck. “Your attention, please. The goods, drugs, money, jewelry. In the room. Where…are…they?”

The white-hot pain made Denis’ eyes water hard and brought the question into hard focus.

Denis thought hard; the quarter mil and two bricks of coke in the hidden safe were worth his wife’s safety, and fuck J’Ron.

They might not find it.

“Th-th-there. The five ounces of coke and my Rolexes and wife’s jewelry are in the top shelves of our dressers and the closet shelves,” Denis blurted out, hoping he was convincing.

Wingnut moved, tossing the dresser’s top shelves and finding two Rolex watches and some earrings.

“Got some fancy pieces here, boss,” Wingnut said to Danny.

“Enough?” Danny asked.

“No fucking way, boss. Too few pieces,” Wingnut answered. “Motherfuckers like this have Rolexes out, they got a safe somewhere.”

Jimmy came out of the walk-in closet. “Yeah. Bro’s right. I’ve got some fancy tie clips and cufflinks, definitely gold. But chump change.”

Jimmy and Wingnut dumped what they found on the dresser. Kurt jumped on the bed, straddling Sarah.

He unzipped his fly and said, “I want you to watch this, asshole, before you think about lying to us again.”

Kurt pulled out his dick—Sarah’s eyes rapt with anticipation, her stomach a dull, throbbing omnipresent ache—and pissed on her face.

She moaned and rubbed her clit.

Danny let go of Denis in shock.

Behind his mask, Jaden’s jaw hit his chest.

Jimmy and Wingnut stopped in their tracks.

J’Ron just screeched, “Bitch took a chunk outta my dick.”

Denis slumped back into the chair; he could only look, his cock getting hard in his hand again.

“Bet you two like that, huh?” Kurt said. “Bet this isn’t the first time you had a man piss on you, either, you nigger-fucking whore. I can tell you like it.”

Kurt released one hand from his streaming dick and pointed at Denis. “You like this, too. Seeing this annoying cunt gettin’ a proper hosing down.”

Jaden joked, “Careful, dude, the husband might want to suck your cock.”

“Puh-puh-please don’t hurt my wife,” Denis whimpered.

Jaden left his position standing over J’Ron and edged Danny out of the way. Jaden leaned in, hand on knees, right into Denis’ face, “Hurt, motherfucker? What could we do to hurt that fucking hole? Fuck her in the ass with a big black dick?”

Jaden cocked his chin at Kurt; Kurt stuffed his junk back in his pants. “Been fun, big red, you can keep going without me if you want.”

Sarah kept rubbing herself, squeezing her eyes closed.

Jaden seized Denis’ ear and yanked him to his feet. “Tell us where the goods are, or else my associate kneecaps your whore and I kick your balls into the back of your throat.”


Danny whispered into Jimmy’s ear, “Take what you have in the bag and amscray, now.

Danny beckoned to Wingnut and cocked his thumb toward Jimmy, who was exiting the bedroom.

Jimmy cast a glance back: three guys in black, a nude black guy curled up on the floor, a redhead naked on the bed biting her lower lip and clenching her thighs together, and a begging cuck.

Cuck’s hands gesticulated as he said, “You got to do something for me. Please fuck my wife with your Nazi dick.”

Out in the hall, Wingnut turned to Jimmy. “We take the planned route out of here?”

Jimmy swung around the kitchen island and made for the fridge. “Oh yeah, right quick. This shit’s making me sick, and after we get back to the boulevard, I want to forget I was ever here,” Jimmy said as he grabbed the Dewar’s.

“Agreed,” Wingnut said as they slipped out the patio door.


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